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REVIEW: Eco Tools 5 pcs. brush set

Hello lovelies :)
Time for another review again :) this time I am reviewing a brush set that I got a month ago. I randomly decided that I do not have enough brushes and that I need a new set. I usually buy in sets and look for sets that come in a bag, because I like to take my brushes with me for the weekends, when I am at my boyfriends house. I also realized that these travel sets are the best size for me to use. Well, enough of bibble babble, let's get to the review :) I hope you will enjoy this post.

This brush set comes in a nice pouch that has a transparent side and a pocket on the back side, where you can put some make up. Brushes do not have very long handles (but still long enough!), whitch I really like, because I need to sit extremly close to the mirror when I do my make up (I am blind without glasses). They are easy to wash and did not shed a bristle since I got them. They are also still holding shape.

Lash & brow grooming brush: I thought I will never use this brush, because I never did, but it turned out to be amazing. I use the bristles to groom my brows, after I fill them in with eyeshadow, and it really makes my brows look more soft and natural. I use the plastic end to comb my eyelashes after I apply mascara, to get rid of any clumps. It just makes my lashes soo much fuller, but at the same time natural looking, because there are no clumps, just black long lashes. In short, I love this brush and I have used it since I got it :)

Angeled eyeliner brush: Sadly this is the most disappointing brush from this set. Do not get me wrong, it is really soft, but I had a hard time doing a winged liner with this brush, because it is more on a fluffy side and it is quite big (I like smaller, thinner brushes for doing liner). It is however really nice for putting eyeshadow under the eye, because it creates a nicely smudged line. This brush just has bristles that are slightly too long for my taste and I can not make a nice line with it when applying eyeliner.

 Eye shadow brush: A really nice flat, dense brush that feels really nice on the skin. It packs product nicely on the lid. I also tried using this brush in the crease and it works, but it is not ideal for that.

Concealer brush: I have not used this brush for concealer, because I do not like this type of brushes to apply or blend the concealer, it is however really nice for packing colour on the lid. It picks and deposits colour nicely onto the lid.

Blush brush: A really beautiful fluffy brush. It feels really light and soft on the skin. I have used it for bronzing/contouring, powder blush and setting my foundation with a pressed powder and it worked beautifully.

All and all, I really like this brush set, it is really nice for traveling and easy to use. It costs around 19 euros and I think it is worth the money. The only thing that it is laking in my oppinion is a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush I would totally switch out the concealer brush for a fluffy blending brush.

Do you have any Eco Tools brushes? What do you think about them?
Have a nice day ;)

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