torek, 24. junij 2014

REVIEW: Eco Tools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush

Hello lovelies  :)
I really love Eco Tools brushes and I was really hyped when I got this brush, because I was really interested in it and because I had no such brushes in my brush collection. Sadly this brush leaved a bitter sweet taste, since ti has one major weakness :/

This brush has a really nice short wooden handle and it feels really nicely in hands. It is a fluffy flat top brush that is really dense and feels nice and soft on the skin.
I used it for foundation, powder blush and cream blush, just because I wanted to see how versitile it is. It did a really god job applying and blending the three different products. I especially like to use it for liquid foundation, because it really buffs it into the skin nicely, leaving a very natural and not streaky skin.

This would definetly be my favourite Eco Tools brush, but it has one major weakness. It sheds like crazy :/ I never had any problems with sheding when it comes to Eco Tools brushes, so this really surprized me. It sheds so badly that I end up with a full face of brush hair after I apply my foundation with it. This means the brush will loose it's softness and usefullness in the future and that really saddens me, since all the other things about this brush are awesome.

Do you have this brush? Does it shed? I really want to know if anybody else encoutered this problem with the brush or if I just got a bad brush.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post :)
Have a nice day ;)

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  1. I have one too. No shedding at all. Maybe you got a bad apple.

  2. I have one too. No shedding at all. Maybe you got a bad apple.