četrtek, 19. junij 2014

REVIEW: Catrice Le Grand bleu Matt Lip Cream - C01 Never Leave Coral Reef

Hello lovelies :) 
Today I have for you another review of a product from the new Catrice limited edition called Le Grand Bleu. This time it is a matt lip cream and let me tell you, I am a huge fan of matt lip products, if they are done correctly. Sadly I have some mixed feelings about this product. There are some really good things about this product and a few quite bad ones.

You get 6 ml / 0.12 fl.oz. in a nice, square plastic packaging with a silver imprint, the lid is silver and there is a lable with the product name on the lid. The whole presentation looks really nice, but because I had the product in a bag for a few days, the imprint is starting to rub off. 

It has a nice doefoot aplicator that is easy to work with and picks up product in the tube nicely. 

On the packaging it states: 

Lip cream intense colour for matt and velvet finish. Without drying out the lips.

It really does not dry out  my lips (the product is not dry, but it is also not hydrating). The formula is really good and creamy and it glides on the lips nicely. I had no problems with patchyness, it does not cling to any dry spots and it is really opaque, lasts quite long on the lips (it does survive a bit of drinking, but it does not survive eating) HOWEVER (there is always a catch, isn't it?) it is not matt by any means. No matter how thin I apply it, it does not dry matt. It does dry a bit but it does not dry completly, so it looks more like a lipstick than a matt cream. 

*nice formula
*not dry
*a beautifull red colour

*not matt
*imprint rubbing of the packaging

Have you tried this product or any of other products from this collection?
I hope you all enjoyed this review :) 
Have a nice day ;)

3 komentarji:

  1. Zelo, zelo lep odtenek..bi ga vzela če nebi imela preveč izdelkov za ustnice.

  2. I like the color. :-) There is a shop with Catrice stand near to mu house. I have to visit it soon. ;-)

  3. Kris Tina: nikoli ni preveč odtenkov :P

    sarchy87: tudi jaz sem bila razočarana, ker ni mat. formula meni osebno odgovarja ampak na splošno nimam problemov s suhimi in razpokanimi ustnicami, tako da ne vem kako bi se odnesla na bolj občutljivih ustnicah.

    Una: definetly check it out :) I think they got some pretty awesome stuff lately :)