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REVIEW: Jordana 12hr made to last eyeshadow pencil (01 eternal white)

Hello lovelies :) 
Do you like eyeshadow pencils? I do :) They are usually easy to use and longlasting. I was looking for a white eyeshadow pencil to use as an eyeshadow base, but NYX jumbo pencil in milk did not really float my boat (I do not have anything about this product, it just never appealed to me), so I was searching for some nice alternatives. I think I found my holy grail of eyeshadow pencils in this product :)

This product comes in a nice black packaging with a transparent lid and white end. It is basically one of those fat pencils :) It is quite sturdy and travel friendly, I had it in my purse for over a week and it stayed intact, nothing rubbed off and the lid did not come off or break eather. This is sadly not one of those propelling pencils, so it needs to be sharpened, but if you own a pencil sharpener it should not be a problem :)

Now to the actual formula, in which I was interested the most. This pencil feels really creamy when applied to the lid and it gives you some time to work with it and blend before it sets. When it sets it stays in place, does not rubb off or crease. I used it as an eye shadow base and it worked beautifully. It really made eye shadows pop and it lenghtened the longevity of eye shadows. I tied it with and without a primer underneath and it did not make any difference, so this is not only an eye shadow pencil, but it can also work as an eye primer. It lasted on me for more than 12 hours  which is extreme, considering my lids get really oily troughout the day. I also tried it on the waterline and it really stayed there a long time, but it did irritate my eyes a bit.

Overall I REALLLLLLLLLLLY like this product :) There is really nothing bad I can say about it. I will definetly repurchase this item once I run out of it. I got this product from Destination Pretty online store, that is run by Slovenian blogger Sandra. She also ships internationally :)

Do you like using eyeshadow pencils? What are your favourites?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Ga bo treba nabavt, NYX je obup tut ene ure ne zdrži :(

  2. Super review ;) je ze v moji nakupovalni kosarici :D

  3. @aydii* vem, zato pa men ni bil nikol všeč, kljub temu da ga večina kr hval. Sploh ni primeren za mastno kožo.

    @life super :) upam da ti bo vsaj tako všeč kot meni :)

  4. Hvala za nakup in oceno! Me veseli, da ti je všeč. :)

  5. @sandra: sploh ni problema :)

    @sarchy87: ja se mi je zdelo da je tako, je pa tudi veliko ljudem všeč. Pomoje ni primeren za mastno kožo.