petek, 27. junij 2014

New in: June

Hello lovelies :)
I did not realize that I have purchased soo much stuff in the past month, but once I started taking pictures of products I realized that I need to picture them in groups, instead of individualy, because there are soo many products :P. Please enjoy this picture and word heavy post :)

I finaly bought some nail polishes :P I did not buy any for quite some time and I finaly decided I need some more. I especially like the first four colours. Flashy Pumpkin is a really nice neon orange and Be My Lucky Statr and Hey, Nude look really nice on longer nails.

I already talked about Purlpe regin and Puplelized in my purple polishes post  here. Makeup Revolution polish in Absolutely Flawless was send to me by and the last polish is I Wear My Sunglasses At Night whish I got in a "buy two Catrice products, get a Catrice polish for free" deal at my local drugstore. It is a really unique black colour with small multicrome glitter in it.

Another product that was send to me by is this Makeup Revolution baked eyeshadow palette in Electric Dreams. I never owned any baked eyeshadows before, so I did not know what to expect. So far I really like this product and I will definetly write a review in the near future :) 

This is my first order from Destination Pretty and I must say I am very happy with it :) They recently got some new products that were not available in Slovenia, like Milani and Wet n Wild. I wanted a Wet n Wild palette since I first saw them (remember how everybody raved about them?) and now I finally can :) I got Petal Pusher palette, Cool as a Cucumber palette and Jordana eyeshadow pencil in 01 eternal white. I am planing to write a review for these items soon :)

Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace was on my wish list since forever and I finally had a chance to grab it when It was on sale on Click2Chic and while I was on there I also got myself Sleek blush in Flamingo, because I really have no pink blush. I expected a lot of pigmentation, but these blushes are insanely pigmented! I need to work with them more, because I am really heavy handed and I end up looking like a clown when I apply them :P I need to find a way to sheer these out, any suggestions?

I am obsessed with sun creams since I got my first tattoo. I personaly like tattoos more on a very pale skin, I think they just show more beautifuly that way. My skin has a lot of melanine, so I get a tan very quickly if I do not use a cream with a high spf. These two creamy are really nice, the spf 50 one is a bit heavy for my face, since is a bit oily, so I like to use it on my body, but the spf 30 one is perfect for my face. I always have one or another in my purse, so I can always reapply if needed.

I am still on a search for a nice BB cream to use during the summer. I like my catrice matt foundation but I feel that is a bit too heavy for hot summer days. I just recently got this BB cream (also by Catrice) and I only tried it out once, but I really like it so far. This is by far the lightest BB cream I found in drugstore so far (it is still not really fair, but is is light enough for my skin). I also got Catrice Eye Brow stylist in  030 Brow-n-eyed Peas. I like to use dark brown pencils instead of black, aldough my brows are black. The consistensy of this pencil is really nice and I like that it has a spoolie on the end.

Next item I really like is catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm in 060 Go, Flamingo Go!. It is a really nice, glossy, sheer coral colour and I wear in nearly every day since I got it, because it is just so perfect for summer. Next up is a lipstick I would probably never buy on my own, since it contains shimmer, Catrice Ultimate Shine lipstick in 170 Play The Plum. I got this lipstick in a magazine and I tried it out because I really like the colour (but not shimmer). The good thing is that this lipstick does not appear shimmery once applied on lips.

Catrice put a out some new limited edition items and I got a few because they seemed interesting. I already talked about matt lip cream here and eye liner pencil here. So I will talk more about the eye shadow pen in C01 Black's Pearl. It is a nice, creamy pen that sets really quickly. Once it set there was no fading, creasing or moving of the colour for the whole day! That is really impressive, since my lids can get really oily, especialy in the summer. It is a pretty nude pink shade with gold shimmer. Sadly it contains carmine (it states soo on the packaging, but I did not see it untill I already bought it), which I do not really like, because carmine irritates me a bit, but as long aas I do not put it on my lower lash line or in my waterline it is just fine.

Well that was a lot of products :) What did you get this month?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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  1. fajn pridobitve. :)
    najbolj me zanima ocena MR senčil, Catrice BB kreme in Catrice senčila v svinčniku. :)
    sem pa jaz tudi ta mesec kupila Wet'n'Wild paletko senčil in Jordana senčilo, ampak v drugih odtenkih. :) res super, da imam tudi mi zdaj dostop do teh znamk. :P

  2. Imam tole Wet'n'wild paletko, že nekaj časa, pa mi je super, sem pa pred kratkim prek Destination pretty kupila tole Jordana maskaro, pa mi sploh ni kul za moje kratke trepalnice.. me zanima, kakšna se bo kaj tebi zdela...

    Me pa zdaj mikajo teli Catrice LE izdelki...

  3. @sandra hvala :) ocene pridejo upam da kmalu, ker imam trenutno še kar nekaj obveznosti s faxom, sem jih pa nameravala napisati :) Meni je tudi super da imamo dostop do teh znamk :)

    @sarchy87: hehe, vidim da smo se kar vse zagreble za Wet'n'Wild paletke :) super da ti je všeč, tudi meni je moja. Pomoje da si svinčnik zamenjala z maskaro. Škoda da ti ni všeč, večina jo kar hvali. Sem si jo pa mislila kupiti v bodoče, tako da mogoče takrat napišem review.