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Nail polish 101: the horror of the white nail polish

Hello lovelies :)
Is white nail polish still in fashion? I can not tell because, to be honest, I was never into fashion and anything related to it. In fashion or not, I finally bought one, because I needed one (or so I told myself) for a manicure that I had in mind (that I will hopefully do soon). But one does not simply buy a white nail polish and use it, oh no no, it is much more complicated than that. White nail polishes are known to be one of the hardest to get right (alongside with other beautifull light colours), because they are eather thick and opaque or thin and sheer (we are talking translucent). And I learned that the hard way… Let's just say that when I first painted my nails white it looked like I had Grand Canyon on my nails. But practice makes perfect and trough some trial and error I finally managed to »master« the art of applying white nail polish. I would like to share with you today how I apply this white goodness. Please feel free to leave any more tips and your favourite white nail polish :)

There are four main ingredients that everybody needs, in order to paint their nails white:
- Base coat (I am using Catrice Color Brightening Base coat)
- White nail polish (duh!... I am using Zoya – Snow White)
- Top Coat (preferably fast drying)
- lots and lots of time and patience

Before we start, let me make one thing clear:
Do not shake the nail polish! Shaking it is a big NO NO, because it creates bubbles which can make the nail polish thick in the long run and will leave you with bubbly nails. If you need to, you can roll it back and forth between your hands, holding it vericaly. This will not create air bubbles.

Step 1:
Even if you never use a base coat, you sure as hell are going to need it here. White nail polish is notorious for it's abillity to exentuate ridges on the nail and using a coat or two of your base coat can prevent that. We want an even canvas for our nail polish to apply on, only then can we strive for perfection :)

Wait for the base coat to dry completely! I usually wait a few more minutes even when I know that the coat is fully dry. I just like to be cautious, it is better to wait a few extra minutes than be sorry later.

Before you apply your first coat of white nail polish there is a little trick that you can do, if you feel that the formula is too thick. Placing the bottle into some warm water (from the tap) will loosen the formula a bit, making it easier to apply. Do not use hot water, we do not want our nail polish to boil, we just want to make it easier to use. 10 – 20 seconds in warm water should do the trick.

Step 2:
Apply your first coat of white nail polish making sure you do not go over the same spot too many times, because this creates streakes. I found that the best way to apply is to apply one stroke down the middle, one to the right and one to the left, but this may vary, depending on how wide your nails are. Wait for the coat to dry completely. White nail polishes usually take a bit longer to dry than other colours, just be patient (I know that is easier said than done).

Step 3:
When the first coat is fully dry, apply the second coat as you did the first. After that coat is completely dry you can apply a top coat of your liking.

And voila! Your very own white claws are ready to be admired. I hope you liked this post :)
Have a wonderfull day ;)
Tjaša ;)

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  1. Po mojih izkušnjah so pa beli lakci eni najlažjih za uporabo :)
    Nosim jih res pogosto in moja najljubša sta od ArtDeco in Essie. Oba sta lahka za uporabo, se hitro in enakomerno posušita in dolgo ostaneta na nohtih :)

  2. Res? Kogarkoli jaz poznam so imeli probleme z belimi lakci. Je pa gotovo odvisno od firme do firme. Za essie sem slišala da je res zelo dober, vse so navdušene nad njim :)