sreda, 26. november 2014

REVIEW: Catrice Holographic eyeshadow C01 Chilly white (Lala Berlin for Catrice LE)

Hello lovelies :)
Lala Berlin for Catrice just recently came in Slovenian drugstores and I picked up some products from the line. I had really high hopes for these products and some sadly just did not cut it for me. Today I am reviewing the holographic eyeshadow, which I fell in love with upon first application, but sadly when testing it, it did not turn out all that faboulous...

The eyeshadow comes in a nice sturdy black plastic packaging that looks really nice. There is 2,7g/0,09oz of product in it, which is more than twice the normal amount.

It looks like a white slightly shampagin shimmery colour in the pan, but when applied on the looks it looks more like a soft lilac shade with holographic glitter in it. It is a bit powdery, but there was no fallout when applying the shade. It can be used on it's own, aldough it is a bit sheer, but it can be layered to achieve greater pigmentation. It blends nicely and it does not appear patchy. Sadly it does not last on me for more than 4 hours, which is not really much comparing to other eyeshadows from the drugstore. It might last longer on somebody else, but on my oily lids it sadly creases to much and to soon, no matter what base I use.

The eyeshadow is really beautifull, but longevity just breaks the deal for me. I can not really incorporate it in a look without fearing it creasing troughout the day.

Did you try this eyeshadow? What do you think?
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

4 komentarji:

  1. Zgleda res lepa :) Ampak ker imam tudi sama probleme z mastnimi vekami se ji bom rajši izognila če ni obstojna :/ Bi bila pa super za notranje kotičke oči, tam bi se pa morala malce dlje obdržat.

  2. Meni je ful škoda ker je res lepa senčka :/ samo obstojnost mi je najbolj pomembna tako da, če bi prej to vedela bi se ji tudi sama izognila.

  3. Meni je drugače embalaža bila ful kjut, ampak me nekako ni prepričala v nakup. Glede na review vidim, da boljše, da ne :)

  4. pomoje na meni itak ne drži zato ker imam zelo mastne veke, tako da vsaka senčka začne slej ko prej bledeti in se pacati, če zdrži 8 ur sem lahko kar srečna :P