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REVIEW: Catrice Velver finish line

Hello lovelies :)
When Catrice came out with this new line I was really excited, since Catrice foundations proved to be the only foundations from the drugstore that work with my skin nicely (all the other foundations do not match, look patchy or cakey and just not appealing on me). Naturally I wanted to try these products and you can only imagine my happines when we got these products on the Essence & Catrice event. I have been wearing these products since and I think that it is safe to say that they are my favourite face products. Here is why.

Velvet finish foundation with hyaluron (010 Light Velvet)

What Catrice says about this foundation:
Velvety-matt foundation combines moisturizing hyaluron with a caring repair complex of vitamins E + B5 and allantoin.

It comes in a nice glass packaging, like all the other Catrice foundations, with a convenient pump. There is 30 ml / 1 fl.oz. of product. I find that I need less than a pump to cover up my entire face. This foundation has medium covaridge and can be build up. It has a really nice skin like finish. I also really like that it has an spf of 30. I do set it with powder, but of you do not have as oily skin as me you can get away with not setting it, since it does not move or budge troughout the day. I like everything about this foundation, the look, the feeling on the skin, the longevity, but I am not a big fan of the colour. I will talk more about this when we come to swatces of each product.

Velvet finish concealer with hyaluron (010 Velvet Ivory)

What Catrice says about this concealer:
Concealer with moisturizing hyaluron and caring repair complex. For an optical lifting  and anti-wrinkle effect. SPF 6. dermatologically tested.

This concealer comes in a plastic packaging with a black lid and an applicator. There is 5 ml / 0.16 fl.oz. of product.
I love this concelaer for my under eye area. It is quite creamy, but it sets dry, so if you have a really dry under eye area you might not enjoy it for covering dark circles. I like a bit drier concealers (but not really dry) for my under eye because the skin around my eyes is oily (aldough sensitive) and anything that does not set dry starts to budge in 2 hours top. This concealer does not move for about 4 hours and if I set it with powder it stays pretty much put troughout the day. It has a really nice covaridge so a little can go a long way. It also brughtens the under eye area. It has an SPF 6, which is something, but it is not enough in my oppinion. I would like to se a much higher SPF in this product, but at least it is a nice start.

Velvet finish powder with hyaluron (020 Natural Velvet)

What Catrice says about this powder:
Longlasting velvety-matt powder with moisturizing hyaluron, vitamin E and soft-focus effect. Minimizes optically fine lines and wrinkles for an even and bright complexion. Dermatologicaly tested.

This powder comes in a transparent plastic packaging that is quite sturdy. There is 10g / 0.35 oz. of product in it.
I love this powder, it is really soft and creamy to the touch. I use it even when I do not need to set my foundation with powder because it gives just the most gorgeous finish I have ever seen in a powder. It does not look powdery or patchy, but really skin like while still mattifying. It is also quite longlasting. This powder really makes my skin look soo much better. It is perfect for setting my under eye concealer, since it really smoothens the surface. The only complaint that I have is that they could sneak a bit of mineral sunscreen in it, since all the other products have at least a bit of sunprotection, why not this one? Maybe that would mess up the formula of it, but I personally think that sun protection is very important and should be present in foundations, powders and concealers. 

As you can see on my swatches the foundation is much darker / deeper than the concealer. I personaly would like a lighter shade of foundation in this line. I can get away wearing 010 Light Velvet for now, but I get much much paler in the winter and I have a feeling that a couple of months from now this shade won't be a match for me anymore. Also there are a lot of girls that have lighter complextion than me and I think that it is a shame that they would miss on such a great foundation just because the coloring is not right for them.

All in all I like this line, the products coordinate nicely together and they make the skin look really nice. I would just like to see more colour selection.

Did you try any of these products? What do you think?
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša ;)

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  1. Ej, a ti nič ne oksidira puder?
    Na meni ful :(. Si nanesem gor, čez 5 minut je že temnejši.. buhuuuu. Mi je pa nek miks med Matt in Nude illusion pudroma. Nude je zakooon! :D

  2. Po swatchih bi rekla, da je tvoja Velvet podlaga dosti svetlejša kot moja. Vedno bolj se mi zdi, da so prilepili napačno etiketo na mojo. Puder pa še sploh nisem sprobala, ker bom verjetno vse skupaj kar podarila, glede na to, da mi ne ustreza odtenek. Mi je pa korektor zelo všeč.

  3. Tamara: Na srečo mi ne oksidira, fino da ti je vsaj Nude všeč. Meni do sedaj velvet bolj odgovarja kot nude. Na začetku je sicer vredu, čez dan pa se mi začne nabirati pod očali tako da imam na koncu velik kup podlage med očmi in nikjer drugje :/

    Taya: Čisto možno da so ti ga zamenjali, čeprav se mi zdi da je najsvetlejši odtenek še vedno pretemen, sploh če ga primerjaš z drugimi njihovimi pudri. Ravno sem primerjala Nude Illusion, Velvet Finish in Matt plus, razlike v najsvetlejših odtenkih so res velike.