torek, 1. julij 2014

REVIEW: Catrice Le Grand Bleu Eye Shadow Pen - C01 Black's pearl

Hello lovelies :)
I hopefully am not late to this party, because Catrice Le Grand Bleu limited edition came out in June, But I hope that products can still be found somewhere if you decided that you like this product (or anny other from their line).


This eye pencil shadow comes in a few different colours, I got mine in C01 Black's Pearl, which is a beautifull pale pink with a lot of silver and gold glitter. It comes in a pencil form (the pencil does not need to be sharpened, because it is a autpropelling pencil).

It applies quite nicely, can feel a bit chunky if applied too much, because it is really packed with glitter. It is really buttery when applied and it gives you some time to work with, before it sets. Once it sets it stays on the lids. It can Flake after a while if you apply too much, but it is very opaque, so there is no need to pile the product on the lids. It does not feel heavy and it does not dry out my eye lids (aldough it becomes really dry when it sets). It did not crease on me for more than 8 hours and it did not fade. 

While I really like this colour for it's formula, colour and staying power I can not get over a fact that it contains carmine, which is a big drawback for me, because my eye area is quite sensitive to carmine. I had no problems with this product (I experienced some swelling around the eyes when I used some other products that contained carmine), but I would not recommend to use this product anywhere near the waterline just in case (since it is an eye shadow pencil it is not ment to go on the water line anyway).

What do you think about this product? Did you get any products from Le Grand Bleu collection? What do you think about carmine? Does it irritate you or not?
Have a nice day ;)

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  1. super ocena. :)
    jaz pa razmišljam o nakupu tega bronz senčila.. :) še jih imajo na click2chic. :)

  2. Hvala :)
    Vedno pozabim na Click2Chic :P bronz senčka je res lepa :)

  3. Imata zelo lep blog, ko ga že odprem je na prvi pogled zelo lušten, zelo rada berem o ličilih ker jih imam doma na tone :P

    Lahko pogledata tudi moj blog :)

    1. Hvala Monika! Naju veseli da smo sami makeup obsedenci tu. Bova z veseljem prečekirali tvoj blog ;)