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This or that Tag :)

Hello hello
Today we have a fun tag for you, our answers will be in diferent color: Ajda and Tjaša.


→ Makeup

Blush or Bronzer
Blush. I do not bronze my face much because every time I try to do it it looks like I fell into a muddy puddle. I am not a blush master but at least I can apply it decently :)
Blush! I do love blushes, and i use it everytime i do my makeup.  I sometimes put too much of it but i still leave it like it is haha. I use contour powder more often then few months back, but it's still not my best friend. 
Lipgloss or Lipstick
Lipstick just because I do not like the tacky feeling lip gloss has.
Lipstick, i have not used a lipgloss in a while.

Eyeliner or Mascara
Mascara. Aldough I almost always wear eye liner and I like how it looks on me I think mascara is a must when it comes to make up.
Mascara, because i won't leave a house without it, i do love eyeliner, but it taskes a long time to put it on in perfect line.

Foundation or Concealer
Foundation. During the week I rarely use concealer even if I have dark under eye circles because I am trying to cut down products used on my face. 
Concealer, because i don't use foundation every day, and i just use concealer to hide little inperfections.

Neutral or Color Eyeshadow
During the day mostly neutral or purple.

Pressed or Loose eye shadows
I like pressed more just because there is usually less fallout and they are faster to work with. I usually make quite a mess when I use pigments.
Pressed, because i hate the mess.

Brushes or Sponges
I did use a spondge for foundarion but I felt like it ate up alot of product so I like to use brushes more.
 Both, i use sponges for foundation and brushes for everything else.

→ Nails

O.P.I or China Glaze
OPI never really interested me, I like China Glaze colours more.
OPI, i own quite a lot of them, and i really like them, but i have not tryed CG yet.

Long or Short
I was a heavy nail biter in the past so my nails were always pretty short. I am trying to have my nails longer now, but they break quite a lot. I would go for medium :)
Long in summer and medium/short in the winter.

Acrylic or Natural
Natural, I usually think acrylic nails are over the top aldough I saw some quite cute designs that I like.
Natural or gel. Gel nails looks really more natural than acrylics.

Brights or Darks
It depends on my mood and momentary obsession. Curently I am obsessed with neons and nudes so I would go with brights, but I had a dark nail polish faze for quite some time in the past.
I usually wear dark colors in fall and winter. But i like bright and neon colors in spring and summer.

Flower or No Flower
Um, no flower.
3D flowers? Oh yes please!!!

→ Body

Perfume or Body Splash
Perfume, but I wear it very rarely.
Perfume, but i would love to use Bath & Body Works and VS body splashes.

Lotion or Body Butter
Lotion, but also not every day., I use it only after shaving and on tattoos.
Body butter!

Body wash or Soap
Body wash, I do not remember the last time I used soap.
Body wash and Lush soap for hands.

LUSH or Other Bath Company
I loooooooove LUSH, but I do not use their products very much.
I do love Lush, but it's not cheap, so mostly other brands.

→ Fashion

Jeans or Sweat pants
Sweat pants, they are comfy and easy to wear :) I only wear jeans to college.
Sweat pants at home!

Long sleeve or Short
Since I tend to sweat a lot I like short sleeves.

Dresses or Skirts
I usually wear dresses because I am not good at matching clothes :P
Skirts :)

Stripes or Plaid

Flip flops or Sandals
None, I like my All Stars every day, any day no matter the weather :)
Both :D

Scarves or Hats
I like scarves better, because they do not mess my hair like hats tend to do :P
Scarves, hats can look funny on me.

Studs or Dangly Earrings
Dangly earrings, but only for special occasions
Studs :)

Necklaces or Bracelets
Braceles, I never wear neckleses.

Heels or Flats
Flats, every time I wear heels I regret it.
Flats, i am tall enough and i don't like heels too much.

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots
None, I do not like boots in general because none fit me.
I would gon with riding, but i don't have any.

Jacket or Hoodie
For outside jacket, but when I am at home I almost always wear my favourite batman hoodie :)
Good oversized hoodie :D
→ Hair

Curly or Straight
Always curly, I do not like how straight hair looks on me.
Straight because it takes les time, but i do love nice curls.

Bun or Ponytail
When I have long hair definetly bun.
Ponytail always at home.

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips
Bobby pins.
Bobby pins.

Hair spray or Gel
None, whatever I use my hair does not want to stay the way I want it, it has a mind of it's own.
Hair spray, but i don't use it a lot.

Long or Short
Definetly short, I am too lazy to take care of my hair and I think short hair suits me better anyway :p
Looooong !

Light or Dark
Dark, light would never suit me because of my skin tone and brows.
 Between, because i looove red hair...

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs
I loooove side sweep bangs and I am thinking on having them again. I had full bangs when I was younger, but it does not look good on me.
Side sweep always!

Up or Down
Down if I have short hair and always up if I have long hair.
Down, but always up in the summer!
→ Random

Rain or Shine
I like it better when it rains because it is usually colder.
I love rain soo much!

Summer or Winter
Winter, I do not like high temperatures.
None, but if i have to choose...winter.

Fall or Spring
Fall, I like the smell of snow, colder weather and watchin nature as it slowly goes to sleep.
Both are my favourite time of a year..

Chocolate or Vanilla
Chocolate :) I do not think this needs an explanation :P

That will be all for today. We tag ALL of you and if you do this tag, please leave the link in the comments. 
Have a lovely day!! 

Ajda & Tjaša

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