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New in JULY

Hello lovelies :)
Another month has passed and it is time for another new in post. I never know how much I haul until I do this kind of posts, but I think this month I was quite a good girl :D haha. 
Please enjoy reading this post and tell me what new products you got in July :)

Catrice Matt Velvet Eyeshadows:
Ah I love these, but why do they have to break :/ If not for their breaking these would be perfect :/ I am still happy I got them, but just a bit sad at the same time. You can read more about these in a review I wrote here.

Catrice BB Foundation:
Remember this one? I got another tube since this BB foundation is leaving stores and will not be available anymore (sad face). I liked it that much that I decided to get a backup. I hope I will find a new alternative before I run out of it :) You can read a review I did on this product here.

Catrice Khol Kajal (140 Chocwaves):
I randomly decided in the store that I need a brown kajal pencil and the first thing that came under my fingers was this Khol Kajal by Catrice. I am not regreting my purchase since it is really creamy and lasts long without smudging :)

Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother (030 Cake Pop):
This product comes from a new Catrice Limited Edition and I am really happy with it. I am constantly having it with me and applying it when I think my lips need a bit more colour, shine or mosture. A very nice product that I recommend. You can read more about this product in a review I wrote here.

Catrice Prime and Fine translucent loose powder:
I am always on the hunt for a translucent powder that can keep my shine at bay :) I do have Essence translucent powders (both pressed and loose). But I wanted to try out Catrice pressed powders also. Since this product will not be available anymore I found it at sale and decided it is time for me to give it a go. I did not test it yet, but if I like it I might go for a pressed version of it.

These are all the products I ordered fromm licila.si :)

Real Tehniques expert face brush:
I fell in love with this brush and it was for a good reason :) I can not stop using it :P haha. I do not think I loved any brush as much as I love this one. I am actually thinking about getting one or two more just because I am afraid that something would happen to this one :P You can read more about this brush in a review I wrote here.

Everyday Minerals Semi Matte Base (2W Golden Light):
There is quite a funny story behind this product :) I ordered an Everyday Minerals Matte base sample in 2W Golden Lights but instead I got a full size Semi Matte Base in the same colour. I wrote them about their mix up, but they decided that I can keep it as a gift. How kind is that! :) I am planing to write a review in the future :) Soo far I really like it, but the application is longer than with liquid foundations so I do not use it when I am in a rush.

Makeup Revolution Medium Matte Bronzer: 
Since I do not like to expose myself to the sun I am looking rather pale this summer (not extremly white, but paler than usual) I decided I will try out bronzing my face to give me more life and colour :) I am new to bronzing and contouring so I decided to try a cheap bronzor first. So far I am happy with this product. It comes with a mirror on the back of the packaging that was covered by a sticker. I removed the sticker and placed it on the lid because I wanted to have a mirror, but I did not want to loose the sticker because it has the name of the product and ingredients on it. Also it is not as orange as on the picture.

48 Cream:
I remember this cream from my childhood and recently I heard this cream is very good for nails. It is supposed to make them harder. I was not able to fully test this claim yet, but it is a nice cream nontheless. I really like the smell (it is not overpowering and it brings out memories from my childhood) and it also soaks into skin really quickly and leaves hands mosturizing.

Depend Gellack (Turquoise Neon):
I do not own any equipment for making gel nails, but I had to have this gellack because of the colour :) I was searching for this colour for a month and I finally found it in one of the local drugstores, and it was on sale too :) Now all I need is Ajda to make me some beautifull neon turquoise nails :)

Essence sharpener:
Nothing interesting really, it is just a sharpener. I always seem to loose those kind of little things and since I needed a sharpener I bought it :)

Kardashian En-joystick (Sea Coral):
Probably one of the most disappointing purchases of this month. I have a serious love hate relationship with this product. One day I like how it looks on me, another day I think it looks like crap. You can read more about this product here.

NYX butter glosses:
Last but not least are NYX butter glosses I ordered on Destination Pretty :) I ordered 4, but there are only 3 on the picture because I did not find the last glos while I was taking pictures for this post. Do not worry, it is probably somewhere in a big pile of clothes I have on my coutch :P I am planing to review these in a near future and so far I can tell you I am really impresed with these glosses :)

Do you have any of these products? What do you think about them?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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  1. oo tele nyx lip glosse moram sprobat :D

  2. Swatchi NYX glosov, nujno! :))

  3. barbara: priporočam :) meni so ful všeč pa sploh ne maram glosov :P

    taya: pridejo v kratkem skupej z oceno :)