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REVIEW: Real Tehniques expert face brush

 Hello lovelies :)
I talked about this brush in my summer wishlist and I finally bought it this month :) I know I am quite late to the party and there are probably thousand reviews already on the webs, but I decided to write it anyway :D

Brush is not as big as I expected but for me this is a good thing. I do not like big brushes with long handles because they are not as precise as I would like. Handle is thick and yellow with an orange imprint and a black rubber end. It feels really nice in the hand, not clumsy at all aldough it is a bigger handle.

Bristles are sintetic, coloured black with white ends. This brush is quite dense, it has some stiffnes to it but it is not too hard. I find it a bit to scratchy for the under eye area, but it feels nice on the rest of the face. I used it for mineral foundation, concealer, BB cream, blush and bronzing and it works very nicely. I also tried to use it with a setting powder and it works, but it might be just a fit to stiff and to small for my liking. It works nicely with powder, mineral and liquid products and it does not leave any streaks on the face. Because it is a bit smaller it takes a bit more time to do foundation, but the result is worth it. Because it is smaller it is easier to work with it around the nose area and around the hairline. It also did not shed at all since I got it :)


All and all I am really liking this brush and I really have nothing negative to say about it. If you have not picked it up yet and you have a shortage of face brushes (like I do) I would definetly recommend it because it is very versitile (you could do your whole face with just this brush).

Do you have this brush or any other Real Tehniques brushes?
I hope you enjoyed reading :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)


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