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REVIEW: NYX Butter Gloss

 Hello lovelies :)
I do not like lip gloss, nor do I know anyone that does. But some time ago I got this crazy idea that I need to buy NYX Butter Glosses... Why? Well everybody and their mom were raving about it, even people that do not like or use gloss, and that sparked my interest. I went a bit wild and ordered 4 shades on Destination Pretty.  At first I was wondering if I really need to do a review, I mean the whole beauty world has already heard about these and how awesome they are, but oh well, here is my take on it :)

You get 8 ml / 0.27 fl. oz. of product in a plastic packaging with a black print. As far as I can tell packaging is transparent and the lid is in the colour of the product. It has a standard doe applicator for applying product that works nicely.

(more of a milky shade, not as neon as on the picture and not as dark)

Consistency is creamy, it applies nicely, not streaky at all, and it does not feel heavy on the lips it feels a bit hydrating. It is a bit sticky, but not as tacky and heavy as other lip glosses and it gives a nice shiny finish to the lips. All of the glosses also smell very nicely, each of them has it's own smell (for instance Tiramisu smells a bit like caramel, Apple Strudel smells like strawberry...), but the smell disappears once they go on the lips and they do not have any taste. these do not last as long as other glosses, which is because they are not as sticky, but reapplying these is easy.

As far as the colour selection goes there is something for everybody. None of the colours contain glitter, some are more milky, some sheer and some really opaque, from nudes to dark berries, you got it all. How the colour will look on the lips also depends a bit on your own lip colour. For instance, my lips are quite pigmented naturaly which means that the natural colour will peak trugh and change the colour of the gloss a bit. All the colours can be builded up od sheered out without looking too much or too litle on the lips.

(swatches on my arm are very true to colour)

All in all I really recommend this product to everybody, these really deserve the hype :)

Did you try any of NYX Butter Glosses? Are there any colours you really like? I really wish I could get my hands on Red Velvet, Raspberry Tart and Devil's Food Cake  :)
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša ;)

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  1. Jaz sem pred neke dnevi kupila Peaches&Cream butter gloss pa mi je ful fajn. :) bom pa še verjetno naročla kakšnega - mam jih še nekaj nagledanih, ampak nisem upala več kupit, ker mi čist vsak 'hype' izdelek ni všeč, sploh pa ker gre za gloss. :P
    Od teh odtenkov sta mi najbolj všeč Strawberry Parfait in Apple Strudel. <3

  2. Sandra: tudi jaz nisem bila ziher če mi bodo všeč, pa me je vseeno malce zaneslo ko sem jih dajala v košarico. Peaches & Cream je tudi ful lepa barva :)

    Barbara: :P haha. Jaz če bi morala izbrati samo enega se ne bi mogla odločiti :)