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REVIEW: MUA Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette

Hello lovelies :)
I love MUA eyeshadow palettes, my drawer is full of them. I still miss some dough, so I decided to  buy one more. They sadly have more glittery eyeshadow palettes than matte. I really liked all the colours in this palette when I saw it so I decided to get it aniway, aldough it contains only sparkly eyeshadows.
I hope you will enjoy this review. Do you have any MUA eyeshadow palettes or any MUA favourite products? :)

This is what is written on the back of the palette:
A spectacular collection of eyeshadows that will add sparkle to your eyes for ultimate impact.

This palette contains 12 eyeshadows, total 9,6g of product. These shades have no names, whitch is a shame, because i really like it when a company comes out with clever names for their make up products. 

All the swatches are made in one swipe on my skin (I did not use primer for swatches).

There are some really nice shades in this palette such as the first 4 eyeshadows in the first row. The black and forest green are extremley pigmented . These shades blend nicely and have minimum falldown. Most of the falldown consists of glitters. The lighter green shade is a bit less pigmented and a bit more hard to apply, but it is not nonworkable. The white glittery shade is more chunky than previous shades. I think it has bigger glitter than the others and it has more fallout.

The gold and dark brown from the bottom row have both the same consistency as the white shade from the first row (you can see some chunks in the swatch of the gold shade), as they both contain same glitter, but they are also both insanely pigmented and easy to apply. I was a bit disappointed about the pink and purple shade, because they overblend really easily when I wanted to use them together (the third eye look I created).

Here are a few looks I created using this only this palette. I especially like the first and second look. The only thing I miss when using this palette is a matte highlit shade and maybe a matte crease shade but other than that I really like it so far. I never really liked glitter shades but this palette sparked my interest. I will definetly use it again in the future :)

I hope you all ennjoyed this post :)
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Meni je spodnja vrsta zelo všeč. Sicer pa jo imam tudi sama, super paletka, vendar jo sama zelo redko uporabljam.

  2. Zanimivo, meni je pa zgornja bolj všeč :) se strinjam, meni je ful škoda, ker imam zelo rada paletke in jih imam toliko da je marsikatera zanemarjena.
    hvala za komentar :)
    Lp, Tjaša