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REVIEW: Sleek Blush By 3 - 365 Flame

Hello lovelies :D
I have a thing for blushes lately. I just love to put some colours on the cheeks and conquer the world for the day. Naturally I need to satisfy my crave for blushes, by testing some new blushes (aldough to be honest, there is no need for me buying blushes... I already have more than enough, but oh well). Specifically Sleek blushes, since their formula and pigmentation is my favourite, alongside with a simple yet really sturdy packaging. The first trio of blushes I got is a nice array of red colours, that look really scary in the pan, but once you put them on the cheeks you hear angels singing. It is almost better than chocolate.

The trio comes in a standard black matt plastic packaging that Sleek is known for. The packaging is really sturdy and slim and quite easy to store. There is 'Sleek make up' written on the lid and blush names with a few things written about the product on the back of the packaging. The palette comes in a cardboard box that has ingredients written on it. There is 20g/0.68oz. of product total in it.

This blush trio has three different red blushes in it. My concern was that these blushes will be too pigmented and they are really pigmented, but they can be sheered out with ease and look pretty on the cheeks sheered or more opaque. They apply and blend really nicely, without any patchyness and they are buildable to your liking. They lasted the whole day without fading or migrating on the face. Aldough the Molten shade has glitter chunks in it, it does not look too glittery on the cheeks, the glitter give a rather nice sheen to the skin. Furnace has some light golden shimmer in it, but it appears matte on the skin.


Furnace: A brownish red with slight golden shimmer. The least pigmented of the bunch.
Bon Fire: matte bright red with a warm undertone
Molten: A dark red with red sparkle. 


Furnace                                              Bon Fire


All in all I like this blush palette more than I thought I would. The colours look really scarry in the pan, but sheered out all of them give the cheeks some nice colour and glow.
You can get this blush by 3 on the Sleek website for 13,49 and click2chic for for 16,95€.

Did you try any of the Sleek Blush By 3 palettes? Which one is your favourite?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :D

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