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REVIEW: Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother - 060 Blackberry Muffin

Hello lovelies :D
Last year Catrice came out with some new products called Beautifying lip smoother. This year, one of the previous colours left the drugstore and three new came. Since I really like these I decided to try out two new colours, to see, if the formula is still the same. Today I would like to talk about a colour called Blackberry Muffin. I will review another colour some other time.

The product comes in a plastic tube that is in the colour of the product inside and a silver lid. The name of the product is printed in silver letters on the tube. Once you open the product you can see a flat, slanted, spondge applicator that enabeles easy application. There is 9ml/0.30 fl.oz. of product in the tube. All you need to do to apply the product on the lips is, to squeeze the tube and apply it. That makes these products really easy to use on the go and troughout the day. Thr onlx thing that is a bit annoying in my oppinion is the fact that the lettering rubbs of the tube as the time goes on.

Blackberry Muffin is a reddish berry shade, that looks like a sheer glossy tint on the lips. Although it is quite sheer compared to some other products, I feel like it is the most pigmented from the Lip Smoother line. It has some golden tiny micro glitter in it, but they are not extremly visible once the product is applied to the lips. I also did not feel any glitter when I wore this product. Only if you grind your lips together really hard, you can feel the grittyness of glitter, otherwise the glitter is not distracting. The formula is thin and hydrating. The balm feels really light and not sticky on the lips. It is shiny upon first application, but it looses it's shine in 2 hours, with the shine the colour also starts to disappear. These products are definetly not longlasting. The product does not last troughout meals and drinking. The only complaint I have is a slight sweet taste and scent. I am not a big fan of scented make up, since I am quite sensitive to strong scent.

All in all, I really like this product, since it is really easy to use. I usually gravitate towards products like these when I do not have time to do my make up or when I do not want to think about what I am putting on my lips. The range is solid and the sheer colour these give, coupled with hydrating properties, are really perfect for everyday use.

Did you try any of the Catrice Beautifying lip smoothers or do you plan to?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :)

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  1. No jaz imam do sedaj samo enega - Apricot Cream in mi je res super, ampak dokler tega ne porabim verjetno nebom novega kupovala :) Me pa zelo zanima kako Frozen Yoghurt izpade na ustnicah :D

    1. Brom probala čimprej objavo o frozen yoghurt napisat, trenutno me malce čas baše zaradi diplome in izpitov. Meni so vse barve všeč razen prvega nude odtenka, ta se ni hotel prikazati na ustnicah...

  2. ooh these sound awesome! Great post! I really like the cake pop color. Do you want to follow each other on GFC:)?

  3. O waw, to pa je konkretna zbirka teh lepotičk ;).

    1. ahaha xD nisem mela namena jih tolko kupt, res ne :D kar namnožili so se... čez noč! :D