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REVIEW: Sleek i-Divine eyeshadow palette - Sunset

Hello lovelies :)
I am a self proclaimed eyeshadow addict, and although I have quite a lot of shades in my collection already, there is a distinkt shortage of oranges and warm bronzes when it comes to my collection. Well I should say that It was, since I have the Sleek Sunset palette now, which saves that problem. Today I would like to tell you what I think about the palette :)

The packaging is a matt black sturdy plastic that feels really sturdy and safe. Sleek makeup ir written on the lid of the palette with a shiny dark lettering. Inside is a big mirror that is really handy. There are 12 shades total inside the palette, each is 1g/0.03oz.

Although the palette looks like warm orange/bronzy fest I think that overall there is a big shade range and a lot of possibilities to create different eye looks. I especially like that they included a blue, since I think that it works lovely with a lot of colours in this palette and adds a nice twist to the whole array of colours.

The eyeshadows are as always really pigmented. There was a bit of fallout with the darker shades, but nothing major. The shades all feel buttery (except the black), apply nicely and blend like a dream. I had no problems with patchyness or fading and they were on my lids for 10 hours before they started creasing.  


shade 1 - black. The only matte shade in the whole palette. It is not as pigmented as some other blacks in other Sleek palettes, but it is a welcome addition in an otherwise very colourful palette. It does feel a bit dry, compared to other shades, but it is workable and buildable.

shade 2 - a darker berry with a hint of red. It contains shimmer.

shade 3 - reddish medium brown with a metallic finish


shade 4 - Bright orange. Really metallic and pigmented.

shade 5 - bright yellow with a tinge of gold. Appears really metallic on the lid.

shade 6 - bold sky blue. Less metallic than other shades but still shimmery.


shade 7 - appears like dark shimmery brown in the pan, but looks like medium brown with a warm undertone on the lid. Has a metallic finish.

shade 8 - brown with a tinge of red. Has a metallic finish.

shade 9 - light brownish bronze with a warm undertone. Has a metallic finish.


shade 10 - A brownish gold in the pan that appears more golden on the lid. More of a glitter than a metallic finish.

shade 11 - Light dusty pink with a metallic finish.

shade 12 - Light cooltoned pink with a metallic finish

Here are some looks I created using this palette


All in all I think this is a really nice palette for summer. There is a bit of shortage of matte shades, but the shimmer is not overpowering or too chunky in any of the shades.

Do you own any of the Sleek palettes? Which one is your favourite?
Thank you for reading :)
have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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  1. šimerčki! <3 ful lepa paleta in makeup looki. :)) Sleek paletke še nimam, je pa v planu. :) (Natalija)

    1. Hvala :D vsekakor si kakšno privošči, jaz sem z vsemi, ki jih imam zelo zadovoljna :D

  2. barve so čudovite in res dobro pigmentirane vendar sem jo sama podarila naprej - nekako mi ne pašejo tako topli toni senčil.

    1. Te čisto razumem, pri meni je isto, če uporabim samo senčila s hladnim podtonom.

  3. Tale paleta mi je pa zelo všeč :) No če sem iskrena edino odtenkov od 4-6 nebi pogrešala hehe

    1. ampak to so najboljši odtenki! :O res je lepa paletka :D

  4. Oooo, kako je lepa! Zdaj na jesen sem spet malo bolj nad šimrom navdušena, celo poletje sem zdaj samo mat senčke uporabljala =P Super make up ;)
    Xoxo, Nyx

    1. Ja res je lepa :D sama zelo redko uporabljam šimer ampak tole je pa ena mojih najljubših paletk :D