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Sleek Face Form Review - Light

Hi lovelies,
i'm writhing this, while the most annoying fly is attacking me.
Today i have a product review for you. I've had the Sleek Contour Kit on my wishlist for few years, but never got it. A year or two ago, Sleek relleased Face Form paletts, it's basicly a Contour Kit, but it also contains a blush, wich is super convinient for traveling.

So about a month ago i got this palette as a suprise with my order from Lič and i was so excited when i saw that it's even in the right shade for me.

Price is 15,95€

It comes in a tipical Sleek packaging, the size is the same as Blush by 3 palettes. It contains 20g of products. The packaging is really great for traveling or just for carrying it in your makeup bag. There is also a big mirror inside.

 CONTOUR POWDER: It's matte powder, it's really soft to the touch, super pigmented and it blends super easy, but not overblend. I apply in the holows of my cheeks, on the sides of my forehead and sides of my nose. I am using a angled blush brush for that.

HIGHLIGHTER: I can't really discribe the color, it's not pink, not's like a neutural? Not sparkly, glittery but it gives you a lovely natural sheen. I apply it donw my nose, on top of my cheek bones, in the center of my forhead, cupids bow and sometimes under my brows. I am using a BH Cosmetics Higlighter brush for that.

BLUSH: It's super soft and pigmented, just like every other Sleek blush. I tought it's the same shade as Rose Gold, but it's not, it is gold-er than Rose Gold and more coraly. Just to compare, in Blush by 3 palette in Lace there is a shade called Guipure, wich looks like Rose Gold also, but when you swatch it is pinkier and not as intense.
So i usually apply this blush on top of other blushes, but sometimes i use it alone. I am applying it with Art Deco Stippling brush.

I am really happy with this palette. It last on my skin whole day, but the primer and setting spray also help. I would really recomend this to everyone who wants to have everything for contouring in one palette. It's perfect for beginers and also someone who is not new to makeup.

Have you tried anything like this yet? What do you think about this palette?

Have a lovely day!

*This product was sent to me, my oppinion is completly honest!

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