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Can't Wait To Try - Catrice fall/winter 2015 products

Hello lovelies :D
Recently the good folk from Catrice cosmetics released the list of fall/winter 2015 products (click here) that will be available at the drugstore. They switch some old items with new every year and every year there is at least something that catches my eye, but this year... This year my wallet needs to brace itself and hold on tight, because a spending spree is coming and I have a feeling there will be no survivors. 

SHINE APPEAL FLUID LIPSTICKS - 060 Marry Berry, 010 To Be ContiNUDEd, 070 Better Make A Mauve, 120 Nude-Tritious
I am a big lover of liquid lipsticks, moreso than standard formula. Something about them jus appeals to me soo much :) I fill try only one shade at first (probably a more nude one), but if it turns out that these are really good I will definetly get all of the colours listed abowe.

BEAUTIFYING LIP SMOOTHER - 050 Frozen Yoghurt, 060 Blackberry Muffin
I love these for every day use and I was definetly happy to see that they will come out with three more colours. Out of the three Frozen Yoghurt and Blackberry Muffin speak to me the most and considering the colours and my love for this product in general I just can not pass them up.

MULTI MATT BLUSH - 020 La-Lavender
Colours like these are right up my alley and seeing a colour like that in the blush form makes my heart skip a beat. I can not wait to see this product in person.

HIGHLIGHTING POWDER - 020 Champagne Champaign
A girl never has enough glow. I will pass on a pink highlight any day, but golden highlights really make my knees weak.

DEFINING BLUSH - 045 Lilactric
I am always telling myself that I have more than enough blushes... and then Lilactric comes around and my dreams about not buying blushes are shattered. I love the defining blushes formula and this is the colour I do not have in my collection. Do I need to say more?

This one is a no brainer for me. I love eyeshadows and I love purple. The day I pass up a purple eyeshadow palette is the day hell freezes.

ULTIMATE STAY LIPSTICK - 130 Rusty's Gold & Treasure
This colour sounds really interesting to me, so I plan to atleast check it out. If I like the colour enough I will definetly get it, since I really like the formula of these lipsticks.

When it comes to lip products I love tinted balms in a chubby stick form the most. Mix that with a plummy colour and we have a definite winner in my book.

LIQUID METAL - 090 I'll Be Right Black
I have been itching to try a gel eyeliner in a pencil form for quite some time and I feel like the time has finally come. I will run out of my Essence black eyeliner pencil quite soon, so I need something to replace it.

EYE'MATIC EYEPOWDER PEN - 010 West White Story, 060 Lavender McQueen
These eyepowder pens sound really interesting to me and I can not wait to see them in person and try them out. The only fear I have is that these would be too shimmery.

Ofcourse this can change, considering I did not see these products in person just yet aldough I am sure at least half of these items will get into my shopping bag sooner or later. I am probably so happy about this collection because it is mainly colours I like to wear, which is plum/purple and nude. I am all about these colours no matter the season.

Do any of the new items spark your interest? Do you plan to get some?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša ;)

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  1. Tudi sama komaj čakam da pride ti izdelki :D sem si že kar napisala wishlist in moram reči da so mi vsi izdelki zelo simpatični :D

    1. No lepo da nisem edina smotka, ki bi kar vse pokupila :D

  2. Haha, to pa ni tolk mal stvari ;) Sta mi pa blusha ful lepa.

    1. Haha ne ni. Pa sej ko bom videla stvari v živo mi gotovo kakšna stvar ne bo všeč.... mogoče se bo pa wishlista še povečala xD