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My nail polish collection #1 - Catrice

Hello lovelies :)
I recently posted my top 10 summer nail polishes post and now I finally have some time to show you my whole nail polish collection (so far). I will show my collection in three diferent posts, divided by brands and try to write something about every nail polish :)

My APPricot
I would wish for this colour to be a bit more opaque than it is (more than 2 coats on the picture), but it is still a nice shade, especially for french manicure. It is a creamy apricot colour perfect for any day you want yust a hint of colour on your nails.

Karl Says Tres Chic
(in reality not as dark as on the picture)
I have this nailpolish for quite some time and I loved it when I got it but then I forgot about it. I am starting to love it again, aldough I do not really like pink nail polishes I like this one, because it is a very wearable pink.

Minter Wonderland
One of my favourites (ofcours a mint polish would be my favourite). i really have nothing much to say about it, because it is awesome all around.

I'm Not a Greenager
I think this colour went out of Catrice collection recently which makes me very sad, because I like it. It is a medium vibrant green. A Very pretty colour. I got it specifically for a Green day concert me and my boyfriend went on last year and I fell in love with the colour immediately :)

Orango Bloom
A nice vibrant orange colour with a bit of sparkle. Comes off a bit metallic at times. love it <3

Rusty But Sexy
Also one of my oldest Catrice nail polishes. I forgot about it for some time and rediscovered it again. It is a beautifull rusty coppery orange colour.

One of my favourites, I wish it would be in their permanent line. It is a light pinkish purple shade with a sand finish. Not as rough as other sand effect polishes I own, but it still has a nice texture to it.

Plum Me Up Scotty
Another one of my favourites that I wis would be in their permanent line. It is a beautiful purple shade with multicoloured sparkle in it that shifts colour beautifully.

The Big Bling Theory
To be honest I do not like this nail polish that much for the simple fact that it has a transparent base. It sparcles nicely, but I wish I would be able to wear it on it's own, not as a layering nail polish.

Purple Reign
Another purple nail polish. what can I do, I am a purple kind of gal :) It is a very nice medium blue purple with a bit of shimmer.

PLUMdog Millionare
Another sand effect nail polish. It is a nice dark purple shade with blue and red sparkle.

Hah, I did not wear this colour on my nails yet, aldough I really like the colour.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
I really like this colour. It is black with little multi coloured glitter in it and I think the name is really cool :P

And this is the end of part 1 of my nail polish collection :)
Do you have any favourite Catrice nail polishes?
Hope you enjoyed it :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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