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My nail polish collection #2 - Essence

Hello lovelies :)
Today's part 2 of my nailpolish collection feautures all of my essence nail polishes. Some are quite old (at leats 6 years if not more) and some are recently bought. Hope you will enjoy :)

give me nude baby
A sheer milky white with a bit of sparcle in it. Aldough I do not use this nail polish on it's own often I like to have it for those no nailpolish days or when I am doing a french manicure.

cafe ole
This is a beautifull brown shade I was obsessing with last year during the summer. I need to use it again soon, since it is a really nice nude nail polish colour.

found my love
This nail polish is oooooold... I bought it when I was in 7th grade I think, and it still works perfectly. Such a beautifull pastel lavender colour

that's what I mint
This is one of my favourite nail polishes ever (If we do not count all the purples). If I do not know what colour to paint my nails this is my go to colour. It always does the trick :)

most wanted
Again one of my old nail polishes. I do not use it anymore but I do like to keep it around for the sake of nostalgia :)

flashy pumpkin
I love this shade of orange, but it is sadly being discontinuoed :/ such a shame. It is a really nice orange colour, perfect for summer.

luxury secret
This is the only colour I own that works for stamping. I do not like it that much but it is fine when I need to practice stamping.

all access
A very beautiful emerald green colour. I like it very much and I would use it, but it is very old and needs quite some time to dry properly, so I have it more for noslatgia pourpuses :)

the boy next door
I like this colour, a lot. It is a deep blue. Sadly it is not available anymore since it was discontinuoed last year. I do not use it as often as I would like since I am scared I will run out of it and I did not find a dupe for this colour yet.

miss universe
I have an on and off relationship with this nailpolish. There are times when I obsess over it and then there are times when I think it is just a meh colour. I think this colour is being discontinuoed this month.

Another discontinuoed colour. It is a very beautifull deep purple plum colour. I usually wear it when I want something quite dark, but not black.

black is back
Speaking of black, here it is :) Nothing exciting about it, but I think every woman needs some black nails from time to time :)

icy princess
A frosty silver colour. I really do not have much to say about it, since I do not use it this much, but it is a nice colour for nail art. It is really opaque.

glitter on me
This topper polish was discontinuoed last year, and that is when I bought it. I like it very much and use it every time when I want to spice up my nail colour with some glitter.

black dress nad white tie
This is my favourite nail polish to top any manicure with. It is just soo cute. I used it so much I will need a new bottle of it soon.

steel-ing the scene
I really like this nail polish, but I do not use it as often as I would like, since it needs quite a lot of time to dry completly.

hey, nude
What can I say about this nail colour that was not already said. It is beautiful, I love it with all my hearth and soul :)

hello rosy
This colour is the chunkiest of all Essence sand efect nail polishes.I do not normaly wear pink, but since this one is not so over the top I do wear it, usually in combination with other nail polishes.

me & my lover
This is the only red nail polish I own. I used to wear red all the time when I was younger, but recently I just do not like it on my nails. It is a classic colour, but for some reason it is a big 'meh' for me. Hovewer I do like to use this nail polish from time to time, mostly with other colours.

be my lucky star
A very beautifull silver nail polish with silver glitter. I always use it with hey, nude. I just think the combination is really nice.

And that would be all of my Essence nail polishes for now :)
What do you think about Essence nail polishes? Which one is your favourite?
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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  1. ooo same lepe barve :) men so Essence laki super če pred tem uporabim dober podlak :D

  2. Všeč so mi tak objave, sam prosim naslednjič v kakem na izi programu še malo osvetli slike, ker se res slabo vidi :)

  3. Barbara: hvala :) meni so tudi fajni, sicer ne zdržijo super dolgo ampak tako ali tako menjam barve vsak drugi dan, tako da mi odgovarjajo :)