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Purple Collaboration With Brownimalist

Hi lovelies!

It's been ages since the last collaboration and this time Valentina from Brownimalist blog asked if any Slovenian bloggers would do a Rainbow collaboration with her.

So I jumped right in and I choose a purple color. And here are my purple picks with short reviews and you can read Valentina's post here.
AVON Gel Finish nail polish in Purpulicious and Lavander Sky
First of all I apologize for not having these swatches, but there will be a full review on them soon!
I have 5 polishes from this collection and they are all the same quality. They are mostly opaque in 1 coat, but I always use 2 coats and a base coat. I never use top coat since, these are gel finish and they are shiny as hell! 

Essence Blending Brush
There is never too many blending brushes and this one is my #1. It is soft, blends the eyeshadows well, it's easy to clean and it's super cute!
Essence wake up, spring! TE eyeliner in 01 happy first day of spring
The most colorful eyeliners that we can usually get here is dark blue, dark green and dark purple, so this Essence Trend Edition was very welcomed. It's in a pastel lavender color, it's opaque enough for me, glides nicely on my eyelids, but they are drying a bit too slow, so some always ends up on top of my lid. It does not last long, but I fix it with eyeshadow and it's great.

BarryM Fine Glitter Dust in Violet Star
These glitters are a few years old, since I first discovered Lič online shop. They are very fine purple glitters. I use them for mixing into gel for my nails, for eye shadow, as regular glitter for nails. On my eyes, I sometimes use a wet brush to apply it, since it is more opaque than.
Essence Merry Berry TE eyeshadow in 02 the masked ball
This eyeshadow is so unique to me, I don't have anything similar in my collection. In the pan it looks dark, smoky purple, but when swatched it is a purply taupe shade.
Darling Girl  DuoChrome Blush in Purple Haze
I got this blush with some other pieces from Sara-Passing Fancy. And I can't thank her enough! At first I was a bit scared to use it, but when it's blended it's look so pretty on the cheeks. The packaging is small, so it's not the easiest to dip your brush in, but since it's so pigmented that's a good thing!

Wet'n'wild Matte Lipstick in Ravin' Raisin
These are just perfect matte lipsticks in a stick form, I much prefer matte liquid lipsticks, but this one is perfect for on the go. It is very matt, the only down side is that your lips must be super smooth otherwise it will look terrible.
Essence good girl bad girl TE lipstick in 01 it wasan't me
Not your everyday purple, but I wear it at night sometimes when I go out and I need really dark lips, it is my darkest color in my collection. It is a bit tricky to get an even color, but it's worth it.
Essence Merry Berry TE lipstick in 01 let's the berry-tales begin
It's a plumy creamy shade, that is also a bit harder to get an even color, but it is so pretty.
AVON Indulgence lipstick in Spring Lilac
Indulgence range was super hyped last summer when it was launched. They are a gel formula lipsticks, almost as a super pigmented lip balm. They are moisturizing and still have an amazing color pay off.

Golden Rose Dream Lips Lipliner in 520
This collection of lip liners is close to Catrice Ultimate Stag lip liners range, as far as texture goes. You have to sharpen it but the color is so beautiful, a bit smoky plum purple.
Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream in 27 Fascination
A full review is comming next week! So I won't tell you much here, but they are awesome! 
Essence longlasting lipliner in 07 plum cake
The full review of all 10 colors is also in the making. These are my favorite lipliners, the price is so low and the quality is really high. Plum Cake is my favorite shade of all.

Balea Pflegecreme Best Wishes
This cream is so cheap, I think it is under 2€. It can be used on your face, lips and hands. I keep it on my nightstand and I use it at night. The best thing is that it smells similar to Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume.
Essence apfelbäckchen TE blush in 02 sweet purpleline
Isn't the packaging and the design just the cutest? It smells like vanilla and it's a really nice shade, but I mostly use the lightest part as a highlighter.
Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in Love Spell
I use it as a perfume and it's so super sweet, smells like cherry blossom and peach. The peach is the most noticable and it last quite a while on me.
CD Deo Pump Spray  in Lotus scent
I got this deodorant at the Bloggers conference and I am in love with the scent it is not the best deodorant that I've tried but it's right behind my Garnier Active one. The only downside is the glass bottle, that is not travel friendly.

AVON Planet Spa Thailand losut flower deep pore cleansing face mask
All of you who know me, knows that I looooove face masks. This one is purple when you first apply it but it become white when it's dry. It makes my skin really soft and cleans my pores well.
AVON Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist
Since primary school I had problems to fall a sleep at night. And the only thing that is helping me is a bath with lavender scent, so shower gels, bubble baths, baby oil with lavender scent. But I like to take showers in the morning and baths at night, but I am not in the mood for soaking every single night and I also like to switch the scents of my bath products.So this pillow mist is a real life saver. I spray it onto my pillows once a week and the scent will stay for almost the whole week. It smells of lavender and chamomile, but the chamomile is a bit stronger. The scent calms me and I connect lavender scents with sleeping so it helps a lot!

This is it, I have a lot more of purple products, but I decided just on some favorites. What are your favorite purple products? Don't forget to check Valentina's post!

Have a lovely day! 


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  1. Ooo tudi pri tebi je Baleina krema :) Meni nenormalno diši! Pa Essence Plum cake! Jaz sem ga pozabila dodati -.- Mi je pa najlepši odtenek! V oči sta mi pa najprej padla Avonova lakca :P Drugače pa hvala ti za sodelovanje! :)

    1. Hvala tebiin še kdaj! ;)
      Avonova lakca sta res lepa no kot vsi ostali odtenki :)

  2. Luštno. Barve in baaarve. Love it! :D

  3. Milani šminkica je TOP, sicer jo imam v drugem odtenku ampak je res špica:)

    1. Milani tekoče šminke imam jaz v 5ih odtenkih hihi :D Pa mislim da še nisem zaključila :D

  4. Avon Spring Lilac in Milani sta odlična odtenka. Meni so letos zelo všeč ti fuksija odtenki :). Avona laka sta prav tako odlična in ta meglica z kamilico je odlična. Jaz jo rada zvečer špricam že pred spanjem po sobi. Mi da neko cozy vzdušje :).

  5. Essence eyeliner je super, škoda le, ker ni bolj obstojen. Zbrala si zelo lepe odtenke, najbolj mi je padlo v oči BarryM senčilo za oči, ki je noro intenzivne barve in šminka v barvi fuksije :)