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Best of beauty 2013 - Tjaša

Hello lovelies :)
Today I will present to you the make up products that I liked/used the most in 2013 :)
I hope you will all enjoy this post. 

Primer : essence i love stage eyeshadow base.
I am going to go with an eyeshadow primer here just because I do not use face primers. I like this one because it is a bit orange wich helps hide any wierdness on my eyelids and it is a bit more dry when it sets ( I tend to have very oily eye lids).

Foundation: essence all in one bb cream.
I usually use this product because it is not so heavy on my skin and I usualy do not go full covaridge. It has a nice texture
and spf 30 witch is always a plus.

Concealer: essence stay all day long-lasting concealer.
Nice for under eye area since it does not cake up. Nicely coveres little imperfections, redness and under eye circles.

Bronzer: catrice cosmetics sun glow matt bronzing powder medium skin.
 I do not usualy contour but when I do this is my go to powder. It is matte and appeares nice and natural on my skin.

Blush: catrice defining blush in 020 Rose Royce.
Three reasons: It is the only blush I have (I do not use blush on the daily basis just because I do not feel that I need it), nice colour and awesome name.

Highlighter :
I do not use highliter on a daily basis and if I do want to highlit any areas i usualy use an eyeshadow that is a shade or two lighter than my skin tone. I do not have a favourite product in this department.

Brow product:
For bold brows I use maybelline color tattoo in 40-Permanent Taupe (it is a bit lighter than my actual brow colour… my brows are two black big caterpillars…). It has a really nice texture and i feel that it is easy to work with, really stays on even if I do not set it with powder and it fills my eye brows nicely

Eye Shadow Palette: mua undressed. 
 I was in a big dilema here, because I realy like Sleek Vintage Romance, but I feel that the Undressed pallete is much more versitile and suitable for night and day looks (Do not get me wrong, Vintage Romance is AH-mazing). Colours work nicely together and pigmentation is awesome for such a low price.

Eye Liner : Catrice made to stay inside eye highliter pen in 010 In The Mood For Nude.
 Nice peachy pink colour that really stays in the water line.  I really only use liners for my waterline, for  my upper lid I use eye shadow to line.

Mascara: MUA extreme curl mascara in black

While I did not feel I really got that explosive volume or curl when I used it, it made my lashes look nice with just one coat and it did not clump them together.

Lip Pencil : essence lip liner in 06 satin mauve
I have this little guy for quite some time now and it is my only lip pencil (again as with the blush, I do not feel I need it on the daily basis).

Lipstick: mua matte lipstick in wild berry.

 A very nice winter colour and berry colour in general. Smells nice, lasts a reasonable amount of time and does not dry my lips as much.

Lip Gloss : 

I do not really use lip gloss so I will cheat here and say Manhattan soft mat lipcream in 54L (i guess that is the name of the colour). Nice colour that dryes completly matte and lasts quite some time (smooch proof). The only downside is that it takes quite a bit of time to dry and it does make my lips really dry.

Beauty Subscription: 

well you see, I have quite a boring life so I do not have any beauty subscriptions (do emails from Lič and MUA count? :P). I usualy play video games, read books, study… ain't nobody have time for beauty subsctibtions…

Tool :

BH cosmetics eyeliner brush and the fluffy blendy brush (sorry, i do not know the real names of those things if they even have a name). The fluffy blendy brush is really soft and blends eyeshadow really well and the eyeliner brush is really versitile (i use it for eye liner, filling in my brows, concealing under my brows or around my lips).

Have a nice day ;)

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