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NEW IN: September

Hello lovelies :)
I hope september was as lovely for you as it was for me. Well I had a bit of a wild ride because of a few exams, but it all turned out better than expected. Also I feel like september was a really long month, but maybe that was because I spend more than half of it furiously studying  :P  Well that did not stop me from getting a few make up related items this month :)

I already reviewed this baby not too long ago (click here for the review). I still love this palette as much as I did when I got it. It was simply a love on first sight. If I have a few spare minutes to do my eyeshadow in the morning there is 99% chance I will use this palette :D

I really like this brush set (review here). It is everything I need stored in nice packaging. Since I have more than enough brushes at home I keep this set at my boyfriends house in case I want to play with make up during weekends.. That way I do not have to travel with brushes every week.

My nailpolish collection is getting bigger and bigger... I have no idea where to store any additional bottles :P Well I still decided to get the nailpolishes from the Yes, we Pop! LE by Essence (review here), because I could not resist these colours and I planed to pick them up anyway since I saw the preview of this collection.

I was really happy to see that Essence decided to make a translucent lip liner and I could not wait to get my hands on it. It is really soft and buttery, as I came to expect from Essence lip liners, and it is also completely translucent. I will probably not do a review of it, since there is no real way for me to test it (lipstick never bleeds on me even without the use of lip liners).

Next up is some of the new Catrice stuff :) I could not wait to see their Illuminating Blushes in the stores, they just look so nice. I decided to get two colours 030 Kiss me Ken (berry shade) and 020 Coral Me Maybe (peach shade). Both shades are shimmery, but not too much. I also wanted to try the nude illusion foundation (mine is in the shade 020 Rose Vanilla). I did try it a few times and soo far I have mixed feelings about it. I will definetly write a review on it once I test it enough and form my final oppinion. Also I finally gave in and bought a Catrice primer. The reason why I did not buy it before is because I did not want the clear version and the green version has green glitter in it (glitter in a primer is a no no for me). I only used it once sonce I got it, but soo far I like it. The last thing I got from Catrice was one of their new longlasting lipsticks in the shade 070 Plum & Base. It is such a beautifull fall colour, I can not wait to wear it :)

Some skin care stuff... I can not believe that I already bought the third bottle of this Afrodita young & Pure toner. It has done wonders for my skin in conjunction with my other skin care stuff.

Last but not least I bought the Aveo nailpolish remover (without aceton), because I was running out of it . I also got two more essence nailpolishes for my birthday :) The green one is called 179 roller coaster and the sparkly one is 103 space queen.

That would be all for today. What did you get this month?
Have a nice day ;)
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Tjaša :)

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