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REVIEW: BH Cosmetics Pink-A-Dot brush set

Hello lovelies :)
This time I have a quite long and picture heavy post for you :) I got these brushes quite some time ago and I finally had the time to write this lenghty review :) Hope you will enjoy reading it :) or watching the pictures :P

All together there are 11 brushes in this set, 6 eye brushes, 1 lip brush and 4 face brushes. All of them have black sintetic bristles with with white ends and black handles with pink dost and gold ferrules. The BH Cosmetics logo is imprinted on every handle in gold letters. All of them come nicelly packaged together in a tube like packaging that is awesome for travelling, aldough it is quite big. The packaging is pink with black dots on it.


All of the face brushes have thicker handles and are quite fluffy. None of them shed soo far. They feel really soft on the face and do not scratch.

This is my first fan brush and I was not really sure what to do with it at first, but I did start to like it because it is quite versetile. I used it mainly for lightly highlighting my cheek bones and sweeping off any eyeshadow fallout. 

At first I was a bit iffy about this brush. I used it to apply setting powder on my face and it picks up very little product, which is a very good thing if you like to lightly powder your face, but I do like a bit more powder on my face. Because of that I started to use it for applying my more pigmented blushes and it is very good at that. It does not pick up too much product, so I am able to contol the application of the blush easy. I do not like it when a brush has only one pourpuse, but I am happy that I finally have a face brush that does not load on a ton of blush. 

This is just a standard angeled brush that is awesome for applying blush or contour. Like the powder brush it picks up little product, which is a good thing for somebody that has problems with applying too much of blush, bronzor or contour, but can be a pain when you are working with products that are not that pigmented.

I do not like these brushes. I never use them to apply my foundation because i do not like the feeling of foundation sitting on my face. I much more preffer brushes that can buff foundation in or fingers. That being said, I did use this brush for foundation a few times, just for the pourpuse of this review. It distribues the product nicely and does not leave any lines visible on the face after you apply foundation. It is a nice brush,  but just not my cup of tea.


There are 6 eyeshadow brushes and a lip brush in this set along side with the face brushes. They range from your normal eyeshadow brush to some differently cut brushes. Handeles are slimer than on the face brushes and are also a bit longer. None of these brushes shed and all are really nice and soft aldough they have sintetic bristles. None of the brushes scratched on my skin or feeled uncomfortable.

I love blending brushes and this one is no exception :) It fits nicely into the crease and is perfect for blending out eyeshadow or applying a sheer wash of colour on the eye lid and in the crease.

This is quite an interesting brush for me. It is nice for packing eyeshadow on the lid, but because it is cut in an angle it fits into the curve of my inner corner really nicely, making it really good for applying highlight on the inner eye area. It is also quite flat so it is possible to apply eyeshadow under the lover lash line with it.

There is really not much to write about this brush. It does a great job at packinh the colour on the lid.

This is a really nice small and precise lip brush. It applyis lipstick nicely and it is also good for any delicate and details eyeshadow work on the eyes.

This brush has really short bristles and is really flat, because of that it is really nice to smudge liner or an eyeshadow accross your lash line. I also used it for applying eyeshadow or eyeliner between the lashes.

I do not see this as an eyeliner brush because it is too big for that, but it is really nice for applying eyeshadow on the upper or lower lash line or in the crease if you are doing a cut crease look. It can also be used for some blending, but mainly in small areas and it takes some time because it is not fluffed out.

Again I do not see this as an eyeliner brush because its bristles are too long for me to use it as an eyeliner brush, but it is nice for applying eyeshadow on the lower lash line and smudging it.

Well that was a long one. If you came this far, congratulations :) I hope you enjoyed reading :)
What is your favourite brush in your collection? I love all of my blending brushes :P
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Čopiči zgledajo super ;) se pa strinjam s tabo glede čopičev za nanos tekočega pudra.. tudi meni niso preveč všeč :)

  2. Joj ti so tako luštni! :))
    Se strinjam s tabo glede čopiča za nanos tekočega pudra. Meni še vedno najbolje uspeva s prsti, med čopiči mi je pa najbolj všeč RT Stippling brush :)

  3. Barbara: Hvala :) Ne vem sploh če poznam koga, ki bi uporabljal tako vrsto čopiča za nanos pudra

    Mateja: Hvala :) Za stippling brush sem slišala da je super :) Meni je najboljša RT Expert brush :)