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REVIEW: Sugarpill Burning Heart palette

 Hello lovelies :)
I was soo looking forward to writing this review and I finally have some time to do it :) Some Sugarpill items are on my wishlist since forever and since Destination pretty recently got one of the palettes I wanted, I decided to get it :) I had high expectations for this product, since everybody seem to like Sugarpill eyeshadows, and to be honest, it is not the chepest palette on the market. Let's see what I think about it ;)

The palette comes in a blue and pink cardboard sleeve, with the Sugarpill logo on the front and ingredients listed on the back. The packaging of the palette itself is pink and is made  out of sturdy cardboard. It is light and sleek, but feels sturdy and because of that it is quite handy for traveling. At the back of the palette are also listed all the names of the shades that are in this palette. The inside of the palette is black and pink and has a mirror. The palette contains 4 eyeshadows, each 3,5g / 0.12 oz.

All of the shades are very pigmented. Buttercupcake is a bit powdery. There is no fallout with any of the shades, unless you load your brush with product like crazy. Poison plum and Buttercupcake are matte based with some micro glitter, Flamepoint and Love+ are true mattes. The sparkle transfers to the lid, but it is so small and sparse that all of the shades appear matte on the lid. They started to crease on me after 11 hours (weather was extremely humid and hot). All of the shades blend nicely and did not fade troughout the day :)

Flamepoint: A  very vibrant matte orange

Buttercupcake: A vibrant yellow. It is matte based, but has some very fine micro shimmer in it.

Love + :  A very vibrant matte true red.

Poison plum: A very vibrant purple that has a matte base and some small blue and red micro shimmer.

All in all, if you like these kind of colours then it is definetly worth the money. At first I was not sure, if I would like these colours for everyday use, but they can be sheered out for more wearable everyday looks. The quality is top notch and packaging is a piece of art :)

What do you think? Would you wear these colours?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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