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REVIEW: Make up revolution serum & primer and palette

Hey lovelies :)

Some time ago we got some new Makeup Revolution products from online store Lič  to test out.
So here is our review :)


I was putting of this review for almost two weeks, partly because I had no time to take pictures and partly because I do not like writing negative reviews. I really don't, but not all products can be perfect for everybody.


Primer comes in a nice sleek packaging with a silver lid. It is transparent so you can see how much product is left. I like that it feels sturdy and it looks nice. It has a pump that I am not a fan of, since it takes several tries to make the product come out. Only one pump gives enough product to cover the whole face.

Product is white and creamy and it soaks into the skin nicely, leaving a smooth surface for make up application. So what is the problem? For me it is too creamy. I have very oily skin and this primer does not hold my natural oil at bay, so you can only imagine the disaster that cream and natural oils make out of your make up. Do not get me wrong, my skin was nice and dewy at first, but after just two hours my make up started to slide off like nobodys buisness... I get longer wear out of my face products without primer! As for the anti bacterial serum aspect of this product, I needed to change my skin care rutine if I wanted to use this product, because it did not work with some of the stuff I usually use for my face, and I can not aprecciate that. When I use a new face care product I want it to work with my other face care products and my make up, and this product did not do that. Is the problem in my oily skin? Maybe. Maybe this serum/primer is ment for people with dry skin. That is my guess since it is creamy. As for my oily gals out there, I do not recommend this product.


When i first saw this palette i was like : Oh look a copy of  Smokin pallete from MUA and a coppy of Tart amazonian paletts.  And let me just say i swatch shadows from both of tha paletts (MUA and MR) and are exatly the same. I will post a comparison soon. 
The palette comes in a round packaging, it's a size of CD. The lid is clear so you can see the colors trough. The name of the palette is on a lid in a metalic purple color. The name started to rub of after a week in my makeup bag.
 Inside you get 6 eyeshadows, one of them is matt (5g all six of them together), 2 matt blushes (6,5g) and a highlighter (4,5g). I hate the fact that they don't have any names.
 The first eyeshadow is a matt creamy nude shade, which i love for higlight under my browbone. Second one is a georgeous plumy shimmery shade and the third one is a blue shimmery shade.
 Next one is deep forest green shade which i have been using as an eyeliner a lot since i got it. Next one is greyish shade with toupe undertone. And the last eyeshadow in this pallete is a nice purple shade.
 First blush is a really nice fresh hot coral shade, which i have been wearing a lot, second one is a hot fushia pink, which i can't seem to pul off on my face.It does not suit me at all and the last is an amazing highlighter. I have been using it since the day i got this pallete.

I must say that i did not expect much from this pallete but it suprised me. Eyeshadows are super pigmented, easy to blend, almost no fallout and with the MR primer they lasted on my eyes for 7 hours without creasing, which is a lot for my oily eyelids.

The blushes suprised me also they are so freaking pigmented.  The coral one lasted on my cheeks for 4 hours on a realy humid day and since i am always touching my face (bad Ajda), bloushes usualy don't last on me.

The highligter became a part of my everyday face routine, i really like it, it gives a nice sheen and it's not to shimmery. I use it every day, exept the days when i am using Sleek blushes, where a highlighter would be too much.

You can get this pallete on Lič for 9,95€, they also have a more everyday pallete with neutural colours and a bronzer instesd of one blushes.
For the price i think is a great palette.

Do you have any of those products? Are you planning to try them? 

Have a lovely day!

Ajda & Tjaša

*Those products were sent to us for a review, our oppinions are completlly honest!!

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  1. Jaz imam MUA smokin paletko in moram reči da so senčke res povsem enake :)

  2. Midve imava obe smokin paletko in je res super :) Ena od mojih najljubših :)