četrtek, 4. september 2014

NOTD: Grey and glittery

Hello lovelies :)
Here in Slovenia has been soo much rain and clouds lately that I just do not feel like wearing bright colours on my nails :/ I do not like summer, because it is always too hot for me, but this year the weather has been just shitty the whole summer. I remember like maybe a week of sun, everything else was just rain or clouds, or maybe it is just me imagining things? I would describe this summer as extremly grey with a pinch of sparkle here and there... And that is what is on my nails today.

Barry M - Grey
Essence - be my lucky star

Well that would be all for today :) How was your summer? Did you went on holiday or were you at home/working the whole summer?
Have a nice day :D
Tjaša :)

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