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REVIEW: Essence yes we pop nailpolish

Hello lovelies :)
Huh, I feel like I have not written anything in months and it has only been a few days. Today we take a look at some new nail polishes that came out as a part of Essence LE called Yes, we pop! I picked  these up some time ago when I and Ajda accidentaly found them in one of our local drugstores (while searching for something else). They only had two bottles of each colour, which is quite a small amount, so I really hope these are still available somewhere if you decide to pick them up :)

The whole collection of nail polishes includes 4 colours:
01 hey smiley - pink
02 grab this hype - turquise
03 hello hipsters -  blue
04 have fun - yellow

They all come in a packaging that is standard for Essence nail polishes, with yes, we POP! written on them and a little moustache :) The brush is flat and quite nice, but can be a bit too wide if you have narrow nails. You get 8 ml / 0.27 fl. oz. of product.

All of the colours are nice and vibrant on the nails. Hey smiley, grab this hipe and hello hipster are all opaque in one (a bit thicker) coat, but I always used 2 thinner coats. Have fun is nicely pigmented, but it does show ridges on nails, so a base coat is required to use with this one (if you have ridges on your nails). Also, hello hipster was the only one that stained my skin, but it is also the most pigmented of the bunch. These all stayed on my nails for 2 days before chipping, which is standard for me when using Essence nail polishes. The drying time is medium.

To recap, these are standard Essence nail polishes, but are much more vibrant in colour and also more opaque. Also they have a moustache :D haha

 What do you think of this collection? Do you like bright colours on your nails or are you more of a dark nail polish person?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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