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DIY: Lip Exfoliator

Hello lovelies :) 
If you are anything like me then you loose your lip balms all the time. I usually loose it, buy another one and than find the lost lip balm. Rinse and repeat for a few times and here I am with billion of lip balms that I am not going to use in time. I was thinking about finding another use for some lip balms so I can use them up faster, I came around the ELF lip exfoliator and this is how this idea came to life. It is basically a lip balm with some sugar in it to help exfoliate. Here is how I made it. 

You will need:
*lip balm
*empty cup
*cup full of water

First things first, I used a knife to put the lip balm into the empy cup, After that I put the cup of water on to the stove and the cup with lip balm in to the cup of water. As the water slowly boils it will melt the lip balm. This will not change the structure of the lip balm, unless the lip balm starts boiling.

After the balm is completly melted it is time to put some sugar into it. I used two tea spoons. I mixed it all together and than poured it into the lip balm container. 

You can wait for it to cool down on it's own or do what I did and pop it into the refrigerator for a few minutes to help it cool faster. And we have our lip exfoliator ready to use right away :)

The experiment was a success! muahahahaa :)
No, but really, I like it :) I think it is really convenient to have a product like that, that you can just pop out and use it to exfoliate your lips.

What do you think? Would you use a product like that?
Have a nice day ;)

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