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Weekly Adventures of a Physics Student - Haul and more games :)

Hello lovelies :) 
Another week is around and I have some more adventures to share with you. Well more specifically I have a haul and a new game I have been obsessing about to share with you :) Let's start, shall we :)

Monthly Haul:
from left to right: Catrice 56 Minter Wonderland, Essence 182 hello rosy, 156 me & my lover and 152, give me nude, baby!, and Catrice 54 My APPricot

Lately I am loving nude nail polishes and sand effect polishes. It is funny, because I did not like the concept of sand effect polishes at first, but now I love them I do not have many red and pink polishes as it is, my polishes are pretty purple oriented. I love my purples, but I love other colours too.

my APPricot (3 coats) and Hello rosy (2 coats)

My APPricot is a nice nude apricot colour that I really like. The only complaint I have about this polish (Catrice polishes in general) is the brush. They started cutting them and they are not cut evenly. I like Essence nail polish brushes much more, because they make polish easier to apply than Catrice ones.

Hello rosy is a really nice pink colour with big pink glitter. I quite like it but it is a pain to get off my nails. I needed to soak my nails in nailpolish remover for quite some time to get it all off.

Minter Wonderland and give me nude, baby! (both 2 coats)

Minter wonderland is a really pretty minty colour that is really opaqe  in 2 coats. This will probably be my frequently used nailpolish in the future.
Give me nude, baby is a very sheer, almost transparent polish with small glitter in it. It is nice to use as a base for french manicure .

me & my lover (2 coats)

Last but not least is Me & my lover. It is a nice sand effect polish with gold and red glitter. It stays on my nails for a few days and it is as hard to remove as hello rosy

I also got a new palette this month. It is MUA Glitter Ball Eyeshadow Palette. It is full of glittery and colorfull eyeshadows. I will probably write a review for this little beauty in the future :)


Last but not least I also got some face products. I generaly really like Afrodita products and I was in the need for some face products because of some recent breakouts. I really like these products so far. I will probably write a review once I run out of them.

Game of the week:

Rift Is an online free to play mmo rpg, kinda like WoW, except it is free :)  I have been playing this game for the whole week with my friends and we had quite a lot of fun :) I like it since I can play it at home on my computer, since I usually play games on my boyfriends xbox 360, witch means I can only play games on weekends. It also has a nice story and nice quests.

That would be all for today :)
I hope you all had a nice week :)
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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