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Weekly Adventures of a Physics Student - Food and Games

Hello lovelies :)
I decided to do a little series on Sundays, kinda like a vlog post. Here you can find out what I did this week :) I hope you will enjoy this post :)

Food of the week:

Ah yes, food :) My boyfriend had two days off work this week whitch always means good dinner. It was so nice coming  home from college and cooking with him :) On the first picture are home made tortillas (here is the dough recepie, I use oil instead of grease) filled with some home grown veggies (carrots, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower ...) and topped with lots of cheese (I love me a lot of cheese).
On the second day we made pizza with cheese, mozzarela and lots of corn.
And on the last picture we have a nice big bowl of green salad, tomato, corn and yoghurt goodnes.
So much yum this week.

Nails of the week:
2 coats of Essence 146 that's what I mint and 1 coat of 22 black dress and white tie

I loooooooove this combination. This manicure was the first thing that came on my mind when I bought the special topper so ofcourse I tried it out imediatley :) Sadly I removed it the next day, because I am testing out some new polishes. But I will probably wear this manicure again because I just love it so much.

Weekly Haul:
from left to right: C04 Plum Me Up Scotty (Holomania), C04 PLUMbeach (sand sation) and  C04 The Big Bling Theory (million brilliance)

I just bought these Catrice polishes on friday. They are from a limited edition collection called Luxury Laquers. I am still testing them out and so far I am pleased with the quality. The only thing that bugs me is the brush. I have a feeling they make worse brushes with every collection they make. The review and swatches of these polishes will probably be on the blog sometime next week. 
I also bought some Esssence polishes on monday. Reviews are already on this blog. I bought Always in my Mint and Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch from their Nail Candies collection and I also got their new special topper in 22 black dress and white tie (101 dalmations). I am wery pleased with the special topper, but not so much with the nail candies.

Game of the week:

South Park: The Stick of Truth came out on March 4th. I already finished it yesterday, after two days of playing, and I decided to play it again. My goal is to 100% complete it, whitch means collecting every collectable, completing all the quests and having all the items :) It is a fun game, but a bit too short for my liking. They could do so much more with it, but it is still a nice light hearted game for an occasional play, when you just want to fool around :)

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Pleas tell me if you like the idea of me posting these on sundays.
I hope you had a wonderfull week as well :)
Have a nice day ;)

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