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Review: Essence make-up boxes

Hey lovelies,
today a have a review for you, of 2 new Essence make-up boxes.
I got those in one of the bigger Müellers in Ljubljana, they were not even on the Essence stand, but on small shelves at the end of high end brands.
The price is 6,29€ an you can get a box for face, brows, smokey eyes, bright eyes and natural eyes.
I got only the face and brow box because i have to many eyeshadows already and i am not a huge fan of essence eyeshadows anyway.

 I really like the packaging, i think it's really cute, and you can stack them like books.

How to make your face WoW
Let's  start with this one :)
It contains 22g of product in total. Inside you get 2 blushes, a shimmery bronzer and a highlighter. It also comes with a 2 How to cards that are hidden behind the mirror.
One is for blond type and the second one is for brunetts.
I was a bit dissapointed when i found out that the bronzer is shimmery, but i can use it in the summer as a highlighter.
P.S.: Can you see that my camera hates glitters? hahah It changes them into black dots.
So here are the bronzer- Sun Date and the highlighter- Starlight.
Let me just tell you I AM IN LOVE WITH THE HIGHLIGHTER! :D
Think pink is heavily pigmented matt hot pink blush, so i have to be verry light-handed when i am applaying it.
And the Peach babe is a georgeous peachy shimmery clolour.
The pigmentation is great, but i can't get over how pigmented the matt one is.

How to make brows WoW
This one contains 6g of products. Inside you get 3 brow powders, highlighter, mini tweezers, brush and also a How to card.
They just tell you how to shape your eyebrows and how to fill them in.
I didn't swatched the brow powders because u wont be able to se the lighter ons on my skin. But they are: love blondes, love'em all (it has red undertones, so it's perfect for me when i have red hair) and love brunettes.
 And again...i love the highlighter! :D

The tweezers are a bit hard to work with, but i am sure i can make a use out of them.

So what do you think about those ''make-up boxes'' ? Are you planning to buy any of them?

And one more question, i am planning to do a series about my makeup collection, would you like to see that or should i find other ideas? :D

Have a nice day!


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  1. Nisem vedela, da je tole pri nas, nujno moram preveriti v MS. Prva z blushi mi je noro všeč. :D

  2. Ja js sm bila res presenečena ko sme jih videla v Ljubljani. Sem pričakovala da pridejo skupaj z veilimi stojali. Res je super paletka :D Pa še cena se mi zdi smešno nizka. :)

  3. Ooooo tole pa res hočem, upam da dobim kje :D sploh drugo paletko.

  4. kak nisem tega prej videla :o zdaj mi je pa žal :(