četrtek, 13. marec 2014

How I Pluck My Brows - Tjaša

Hello lovelies :)
Today I will show you how I pluck my brows.
I hope you will all enjoy this post :)

 Things I use:
* tweezers
* white eyeliner pencil (preferably not waterproof)
*wet wipes

I always start with a clean face and brush my brows with a spoolie. I also determine lenght and the arch of my brows.
 Then I colour in all the places, where I want the hair to be plucked, with a white pencil. This helps me make my brows look as even as possible. After that I pluck my brows. As you can see I also pluck on the top of my brows, just because I have quite a lot of brow hair and this helps me create thinner eyebrows. There are people that tell you that you are not supposed to do that, but I think this helps the brows look more trimed. Just remember not to go overboard and make your brows super thin. We are trying to make our brows trimed, not invisible :P

After that I use a wet wipe to wipe off the white pencil and pluck any remaining hair (I am very short sightet so I usually miss quite a lot of hair)
And this is the result. I do not  shorten my brow hair just because I like them longer (I tried to shorten them with scizors, but the result was terrible). 

I hope you liked that post and that it might be helpfull for some of you.
Tell me what you think and if you have any special tips or tricks on trimming your eyebrows ;)
Have a nice day ;)

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