četrtek, 6. marec 2014

REVIEW: ESSENCE Special Topper 22 black dress and white tie

Hello lovelies :)
Today I have for you a review of a wonderful new polish Essence made :) It is really something special , I do not think any company made a polish like this before (please correct me if I am wrong). Enough chit chat, let's see some swatches and what I have to say :)


The polish comes in a nice standard Essence packaging with a silver lid. It contains 8 ml/0.27 fl.oz of  product. The polish is a translucent base with some small silver glitters and some big round black and white glitters. It retails for 1,49e in my local Muiller.

It has a nice brush  and applies quite nicely. The polish  dries quite fast and stays on quite some time. I have it on my nails for the last 3 days without a top coat and it is still looking untuched :) I did not try to remove this polish but I think the best tehnicque would be foiling because polishes like this can damage your nails if you are too rough while removing it.

1 Coat

 2 Coats

I looooove this polish :)I It is a normal polish, but what makes it so special for me is the glitters :)
Do you like it? Did you already get it?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

4 komentarji:

  1. Gre tut brez folije ful hitr dol ;)


    1. No supr :) vidm da si ga dobila :) vsaj z nečim sva lahko zadovolni :p

  2. ta lakec je super, veliko boljši kot loreal confetti :))


    1. Saj res, hvala da si me spomnla :) sem pozabila na loreal