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My lip products :)

Hello lovelies :)
I was not always a big fan of lipstick. I actualy started to actively wear it at the beginning of this year. So my lipstick collection went from nothing to OMG I need more! One day I decided to have a big swatch fest and show all my lip products to you guys and gals :) Please enjoy this post while I heal my chalped and raw lips :)


01 coral calling and 01 na-rock

07 natural beauty and 09 wear berries

10 femme fatal

swatches from l to r: natural beauty, coral calling, wear berries, na-rock, femme fatal

At first I did not buy Essence lip products, so these are all quite new. One exception is na-rock, whitch is from their Tribal Sumer LE. I love these colours. I especially love femme fatale, whitch is sadly discontinuoed. I bought 4 pencils while there was a sale, so I am good for some time. I have no Idea why they discontinuoed this product since it has nice creamy consistency, insane pigmentation and it stays on my lips fopr quite some time. Corall calling, wear berries and natural beauty are my latest lovers. I got natural beauty because it is a really nice every day shade. I really love orange and coral shades, so corall calling was a must buy and I am into berry lipsticks lately, so this is how wild berry happened, I am satisfied with all these lipsticks :)


Ok.com lipstick and gloss

peachy keen (matte) and totally nude (matte)

wild berry (matte)

Swatcher from l to r:  totally nude, peachy keen, wild berry

I love MUA matte lipsticks :) I do not wear totally nude very much, since it makes me a bit corpse like, but peachy keen and wild berry are perfect. I am debating wether or not post a review of these lipsticks. Would you like to see it?
Ok.com is another lipstick that I do not wear because it makes me look like a corpse. I also do not like the fomrmula of this lipstick. I forgot to swatch it on my hand but it looks just like totally nude with a bit of shine.


45H on the left and 54L on the right

swatches from l to r: 45H and 54L

These are probably my all time favourite lip products. I have them for quite some time and they never seem to disappoint me :) I love the consistency, the shade range and the fact that they are matte. I am thinkinh on buying some more shades. These also apply nicely and stay on the lips for quite some time once they are dried.

Do you have any of these products? What do you think of them?
Have a nice day ;)

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