torek, 23. december 2014

Secret Santa :)

Hello lovelies :)
I have a bit of a different post for you today :) Živa from Nothing Fancy Really organised Secret Santa at the beginning of December, and ofcourse all of fellow beauty bloggers (including me) participated. I got the gift a few days ago and needless to say I was happy as a child on a Christmas morning. My lovely secret Santa turned out to be Jasna from Jessie Fairytale and I must say that I really like the gift I got.   

I am especially happy that I got the Essence stays no matter what eyeshadow pencil, since I was wanting to try these pencils for quite some time, and now I can! :) It is a really nice universal colour. The little Essence box with lipglosses is also really cute and I like the fact that all of the glosses are in mini sizes, I can take them with me where I want and reapply them when I want :D I did not try the deodorant yet, but it smells really nice and sweet and it will no doubt find it's new home in my handbag. The keychain is a really nice touch, I can not wait to put it on my keys or keep it in my handbag for good luck :) Did I mention the cute letter she included with the gift? I read it at least 5 times already :P Also there is some chocolate, because as I always say: There is never too much chocolate :P

I would like to thank both, Živa for organizing and Jasna for being such an awesome secret Santa :) It was really fun to see what everybody got and wait for the gifts to come, I felt like a child :D
I wish you all Merry Christmas :)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Odgovori
    1. Anda :) Meni je tudi zelo všeč, pa še namagnetena je, tako da se kar fino zapre :D že študiram kaj bi imela spravljeno notri :D

  2. Samo da ti je všeč. :)
    Toliko časa sem razmišljala kaj bi nakupila, tko da sem se odločila podariti nekaj mojih naj zadevic. Od Essence barvico jst uporabljam non-stop v kotičkih očes, in pride super + drži dolgo ;)
    Čarobni prah sem pa kupila za obe - sem imela izgovor :P

    1. Šeenkrat hvala, res so super stvari :) Barvico sem preizkusila na roki in je nisem mogla spravit dol cel dan :) gotovo jo bom uporabljala kot primer za šimraste senčke :)