petek, 5. december 2014

My collection of red lipsticks

Hello lovelies :)
Since I have accumulated quite a few of red lipsticks over the past few months I decided to share them with you. There will also be a wishlist at the end of this post, with all the red lipsticks I wish to try out :)

Now to make it clear right of the bat, I am not a big fan of red lipsticks, but I do like to have a few, because you never know when you might need one. Red lipstick always adds some glam into the look if you ask me :)

Essence 01 Na-Rock is the first red lipstick I bought and it is the lipstick I have worn the least out of the all red lipsticks. It is a pretty standard blue based red.

Essence - 02 All you Need is Red is an orange based red, which I think suit me more than blue based reds. It has a lovely formula and lasts about 4 hours on my lips.

Essence - 14 Adorable Matt! must be one of my favourites out of the bunch. It has a semi matt finish and applies like a dream :) It is also really similar in colour to Na-Rock.

Wet'n'Wild - Coral-ine is pretty similar to All you Need is Red, except it has a bit more orange in it. It lasts the longest out of the bunch and has the most matt finish. It does not apply as smooth as other creamier lipsticks, but since it is soo longlasting I can forgive it :)

Catrice - Never Leave Coral Reef is supposed to be a matt liquid lipstick, but it is instead a semi matt finish. Depending on how I apply it, it can be eather a full on glossy red or a subtle matte red stain. It has a cool undertone.

Essence - 10 Femme Fatal is not a lipstick, but a lip pencil and a good one at that. It is quite creamy and glides on the lips like a dream. It also lasts quite long. I like to wear it on it's own, since I really like this colour, but It can be worn with pretty much any red lipstick I own.


Barry M Ultra Moisturising lipstick - Cranberry Red

Sleek matte me lipstick - Rioja Red

Sleek Pout Paint - PinUp

Barry M  Loud Mouth - Diva

Do you like red lipsticks? Which one is your favourite?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Ooo nice, rdeče šminke so stalnica <3

  2. Hvala :) meni so tudi kar prirastle h srcu, čeprav ni veliko priložnosti da bi lahko nosila rdeče šminke :)