torek, 9. december 2014

NOTD: Give Me More Purple!

Hello lovelies :)
A new notd post, yaaaaaay! 
This time I went simple and all out purple, because I love purple :D This will be a short post, since I am quite tight on time (one more exam untill the end of the year... and it is a hard one).

Nail polishes used:
Catrice - 14 Purple Reign
Catrice - 430 Purplelized
Catrice - C04 The Big Bling Theory

I used Purple Reign on my thumb, index finger and pinky and Purplelized on middle and ring fingers. I topped Purplelized witha coat of The Big Bling Theory for some extra bling and that is it :)

Well that would be all for today, quick and simple :) What is your favourite nail polish colour? Mine is definetly purple :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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