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REVIEW: Catrice Color Correcting Mattifying Powder

Hello lovelies :)
I have this powder for quite some time now and I have been using it on and off since I have quite a few face powders to finish (I have a face powder problem). I was postponing this review for various reasons, the main being that the product left kinda a meh first impression. I think that I tested the product enough now to give you my oppinion on it.

The powder comes in a plastic compact packaging. The packaging would probably survive traveling but it probably won't survive a drop on the floor. There is 8 g /0.28 oz of product in it, which should last you quite some time.

It has a thin consistency and goes almost transparent on the skin. It leaves the skin matt for quite some time and does not appear powdery. Aldough this powder contains purple, reddish, orange and green pigments it does not have any colour correcting capabilities, since it has such a thin texture. The mattifying properties do not last the whole day, at least not on my oily skin, but it can be reapplied without looking cakey or patchy on the skin. It is easy to apply and blend into the skin, but getting it on the brush can be a bit tricky, since you need to rubb the brush into the product to get enough product on the brush.

All in all, this is just an ordinary face powder, it does it's job well, just do not expect any major colour correction.

Did you try this powder? What are your thoughts on it?
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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