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Top 5 Summer Hair Products // Collaboration

Hi lovelies,
i've been melting for the past few weeks since it's  sooooo hot and i hate heat, so you can imagine my suffering xD
So since we need to survive the summer time we (me, Tjaša and Manca) decided to do collaboration  about our top 5 hair, body and makeup products for summer.

So here are my top 5 summer hair products :D

I am trying not to wash my hair too much and i do it once a week, Because i ''trained'' my hair not to be washed that frequent, they don't get oily as fast as they did before. So after 3 days my roots get a bit oily and i use a dry shampoo on them and i am good for 2 days. 
I am using the Balea Trend It Up one, since it's cheap, smells lovely and you can get it in every DM :D
Who doesn't like beach  waves? I always loved the waves i got at vecation, when my hair dried after i got out of the sea. Since i haven't been on vacation and i want thos ewaves at home sometimes i use texturizing sprays. This one is from Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Girl Mermaid Look Texturizing Salt Spray. It smells lovely, doesn't make my hair heavy or sticky and i love the packaging.
During the year i am always using Uniq One leave in treatment in the original scent, but when spring/summer hits i switch for the coconut scent. It's just the best scent and if you know me jsut a little bit, then you know how much i love coconut. It makes my hair soft, easy to comb, protects my color, prevents split ends, protects from the heat and many more good things. I would really recomend it.:)
I need silicon drops simply becaus eof my frizziness. When i dry my hair they get so freaking frizzy that i need some help. And those drops are miracle in a bottle. The frizzines is gone and it leavs my hair soft and shiny.
Probably you already heard about argan and other oils for your hair and how amazing they are. They really help with split ends, really dry hair, frizziness and they also smell amazing,
I switch between Schwarzkopf got2v Ol-la-la Argan Oil and Moroccanoil Light. I like both of them, but i love the got2b better because of the pump and the scent is divine.

So those are my top 5 summer hair products! Please tell me yours, i would like to know. :)
Here are the links to Tjaša's and Manca's post.

Have an awesome day and don't melt, oh well some people are worth melting for :P


8 komentarjev:

  1. Mene je Maroccanoil ful razočaral, za to ceno...grozen mi je. Mojim lasem ne naredi čisto nič....

    1. Tudi jaz sem pričakovala nek wau efekt, pa ga nisem dobila. Mi je tale got2b precej boljši :)

  2. Super izbira :) Jaz si pa polet naredim kar sama svoj beach hair spray pa mi je tudi kul :D

    1. Si bom verjetno tudi sama naredila, ko tega ponucam :D

  3. top blog. :3 sem poskusila tale suh šampon, a mi je limited edition verzija z vonjem malin bila bolj všeč. :))
    sem pa tudi sama delala svoj beach spray in je top. :3


    1. Hvala! :D Joj jaz sem vedno zamudila LE z vonjem maline, si predstavljam da mora biti res yummy vonj :D
      Bom tudi sama probala domačega, ko tega porabim :D

  4. Ta sprej od Schwarzkopfa je mene kar razočaral, ker mi zlepi lase :/

    1. Res? Hm...meni se to ne dogaja, mi pa res lep efekt da :D Si uporabljala na mokrih ali suhih laseh?