nedelja, 12. julij 2015

Makeup Revoltion Iconic Pro Lipstick in Duel

Hi lovelies,
about a month ago Makeup Revolution came out with new line of lipsticks, called Iconic Pro.
There is a mix of creamy and matte shades, some shades are avalible in both finishes, wich i think is genius.
 Each lipstick comes in a black box, with rose gold writing and a sticker with the colour and name of the shade on top. 
 The packaging is a copy of MAC lipsticks, wich i really like, since i've been in love with MACs packaging. It glossy black, with rose gold ring in the middle and rose gold writing. The tube is really nice and it stays closed when it's in my bag.
 On the bottom you can see the shade, name and number of lipstick.
 Mine is in the shade Duel, a creamy formual of cool toned red with blue undertones.  It is really creamy after you break trough the top layer, The smell is heavy vanillia but you can't smell it while you're wearing it. Since it's a creamy finish it won't last as long as i would like, it will leave a stain, but you would have to reapply it every 2 hours, more if you're eating and drinking.
I think they are really good, for the price and the shade range is quite big, also i like the selection of finishes. I have my eye on few more shades :D

You can get Iconc Pro lipstick on Makeup Revolution site for 3,46€ and on Lič for 4,95€.

Did you try Iconic Pro lipsicks? 
Let me know ;)
Have a grat day!


*Lipstick was set to me.

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