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REVIEW: Alpstories 100% Pure Organic Hazelnut Oil

Hello lovelies :)
Taya from Taya my little beauty world recently hosted a giveaway called 'Blogger for a day'. To participate, each participant wrote a review (in Slovene) about one of the products they chose and all of the reviews were featured on her blog :). One of the reviews was about an Avocado oil by Alpstories. It really made me look more into the brand and shortly after some reaserch I bit the bullet and bought the Hazelnut oil, which is supposed to be good for oily skin. 

The packaging is a sturdy glass bottle with a milky matte finish. It feels quite heavy in the hands, as glass packaging should. It has a gold plastic pump. The pump looks nice, but I think that it sometimes fails to dispense the product properly. Instead of nicely pumping the product out it sometimes squirts it all over the place. The pump is protected by a thin plastic transparent lid that already cracked a bit, since it is not really sturdy(the packaging fell on the floor a few times). I feel like the pump and the lid could use some work, but the glass bottle is really nice. There is 50 ml of product.

The oil itself is really nice quality. One pump is more than enough to cover the whole face. I usually use half a pump in the morning and a pump in the evening. The oil itself seems quite oily at first, but I found that it soaks into the skin fairly quickly and does not leave a greasy film behind. I can apply make up on top of it without any problems. After almost a month of constant use I can already tell that my skin feels really nurished. SO far it did not break me out, which was my biggest concern, since my skin is oily and really prone to acne.

To recap, I feel like this oil is perfect for my skin. It does need some time to soak into the skin, but it leaves the skin feel nurished and healthy. You can find the Hazelnut oil on the Alpstories website for 11,50 eur.

Did you try out any Alpstories products?
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Tjaša :)

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  1. Tudi mene mika, da bi preizkusila kakšno njihovo olje v prihodnosti, ampak trenutno sem zelo zadovoljna z Lainovim arganovim. :)

    1. Meni se zdi da je kar fino imeti kakšno olje za obraz ne glede na to kakšen tip kože imaš, samo poglobiti se je treba v vse vrste olj ki so na voljo :) Za arganovo pravijo da je super :)