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Essence Fun Fair TE Products Review

Hi lovelies!
Essence came out with new Trend Edition collection, called Fun Fair. It's a fair themed in fun pastel colours, candy looking and also smelling products.
I got the opportunity to test 2 products about a month before the collection was released and since i loved them both i bought some stuff myself also :)
On the top you can see the whole collection, I didn't get any eyeshadows since i don't really use that kind of colours, i have enough of pearls and the lipsticks are too similar to the ones i already own. :)

Here's my catch :D

*01 Ring Around The Rosy & 02 Sweetheart's Sweet Tooth
 The packaging is clear plastic, but it's very hard, so it's good for traveling. Blushes are baked wich means they are pigmented as hell :D  The price for a blush is 3,29€ and i must say if you like blushes, they are a must :D
 Ring Around The Rosy is a cool toned hot bubble gum pink. The Sweetheart's Sweet Tooth is a cool toned peachy color. They both have a sheen,
The peachy one is more like a highlighter or a blush topper, on it's own it will give just a sheen on yout cheeks, but the pink one...oh boy it's awesome :D They are not dusty at all but just smooth, they blend nicly and lasts about 8 hours on my cheeks.

NAIL POLISH (left to right)
01 You're Mint-blowing 
02 Be My Marshfellow!
03 Ring Around The Rosy
04 Sweetheart's Sweet Tooth
 They are in such fun colors! The bottle is standard Essence for TE and Effect nail polishes, the brush is nice and flat. The finish is satin matt. In the bottle you can see tiny glitters but they are not vissible once the polish is dry.  They have a candy scent when they are dry and it lasts for around two days and then you can't notice it anymore. Each color has a diferent scent.  The price for tha polishes is 2,19€,

*01 Candylicious

 This is just a fine fibers/dust with glitters. I sprinkled it over wet nail polish, tap of waht was left and wait for it too dry. The finish is very soft and it looks really pretty. I had mine on of 4 days and it didn't move, but it did loose the color after 2 days, so it was jsut white/gray at the end...but still because of the colored polish under, it wasn't that noticable.
The price is 2,79€.

This TE will be avalible in stores in July and August!

I would like to thank Essence Slovenia for opportunity to test some products before the TE was avalible! Thank you!! :)
And great job on this collection it was the best one since Hidden Stories!! :D

Did you get anything from this collection? Did your eye cathed anything you need?

Have a lovely day!


*Some products were PR samples!

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  1. Jaz sem si privoščila svetlo roza lakec. Super objava. ♡

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    1. Jaz se nism mogla odločit za samo en lakec, ker so mi vsi čudoviti! In najlepša hvala ;)