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REVIEW: Wet'n'Wild Petal Pusher Palette

 Hello lovelies :)
Wet'n'Wild was not available in Slovenia for too long, but now thanks to Sandra we have acces to some of their fabulous products. I knew I wanted this palette since I first saw it and about a month ago I finally had a chance to get it :) Here is what I think about it.

The palette comes in a slim plastic packaging with a transparent lid and it contains 8 eyeshadows. Packaging does feel a bit cheap and I do not think It would be great for any long distance traveling, because it looks quite fragile, but it is small and slim, so it does not take up a lot of space.

Now for the fun part, the eye shadows :)
All contain at least a bit of shimmer, that ranges from fine micro shimmer to big shunky glitter. There is minimal fallout with all the shades, mostly shimmer (aldough enough shimmer still transfers to the lid) and some pigment with darker shades. Shades are in two columns labeled as browbone, eyelid, crease and definer shades. There is also a picture showing where to put all the colours on the back of the palette. Ofcourse you can mix and match colours and apply them hovewer you like. I decided that this time I will describe every colour separately, because quality varies a bit between diferent shades.

Browbone 1:
a beautiful white colour with a hint of pink and some micro glitter that would be a great highlighting colour, but it does not show on my lids. When I try to apply it no pigment transfers on the lid. It is also one of the dustier shades. I use this shade if I want to blend out any harsh edges around my eye make up.

Eyelid 1:
A beautiful lavender colour that contains tiny gold shimmer. It can be sheer, but patting it on the lid makes it more opaque. It is also one of the dustier shades.

Crease 1:
This shade looks like a nice deep plum purple in the pan. It transfers sheer on the lids, but again can  be builded up with patting. I mostly use this colour as a tranzition shade in my crease.

Definer 1:
This colour looks like a very nice blue purple colour in the pan. It contains big silver glitter. It transfers on the lid rather sheer, but can be build uo. It also gets a bit of a grey undertone once applied.

Browbone 2:
I thought I will not use this colour at all because it is a frosty pink. I used this colour in every look I created so far and every time I am amazed how opaque it shows on lids. In my oppinion this is a must have colour for people with dark brown or black eyes, because it just makes them pop beautifuly.

Eyelid 2:
This is a soft warm brown with gold shimmer. It is really pigmented and it applies really nicely. I mostly used this colour as a tranzition shade in my crease.

Crease 2:
Deep, dark brown colour with red glitter. This colour is really pigmented and a small amount goes a long way with this one.

Definer 2:
A very dark black colour that contains chunky silver glitter. It is very pigmented. I mostly used it as a liner.

All the colours are extremly buttery, except from Browbone 1 and Eyelid 1. Some are a bit prone to overblending but generaly they blend beautifully. I had some minor creasing after around 7 hours and colours started to fading at around the 5 hour mark, but were still visible at the end of the day.

In a nutshell, aldough a few shades need some help I really like this palette. I have used it soo much lately that I am running out of ideas and am wearing the same make up almost every day, because I just like it soo much :P

I hope this review was helpfull and that you enjoed readin it :)
Do you have any of Wet'n'Wild palettes or any other of their products?
have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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