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REVIEW: Catrice Beautifying lip smoother (030 Cake Pop)

Hello lovelies :)
Catrice came out with some new limited edition products this month :)
I stumbled upon the collection completly by chance, because I completly forgot about this collection, and a few of the products sparked my interest. Today I will talk about their new lip gloss called Beautifying Lip Smoother.

This lip gloss comes in a nice pink tube with silver imprint on it and a silver lid. I am guessing that the imprint will start to rubb off as it did with other of my Catrice products. You get 9 ml / 0.30 fl. oz. of product. It has a spondge applicator that is nothing that I have seen before. At first I was sceptical about this applicator, but it distribues product nicely and it makes this product easier to use on the go.

Catrice calls this product a lip balm, but because of it's consistency I think it is more of a lip gloss. It is a bit sticky and it has a high shine finish that makes it look more as a gloss than a lip balm. It is a bit sheer, but it still gives your lips a bit of colour. It does not apply streaky and it feels smooth and a bit mosturizing on the lips. This product claims to make your lips look smoother and I can definetly tell that my lips look a bit smoother when I have this product on, but only when I do not apply it excessively. If applied too much it goes into the lines and makes them more visible. It does not last long on my lips and it does not survive eating or drinking, but because it is easy to apply on the go I can forgive that.

I do like the consistency and ease of use of this product, but it has a sweet taste to it which I do not like in any lip product. Eating with this product on your lips can be a bit of a pain because you get a wierd after taste because of the gloss. Other than that I really can not complain.

What do you think of this product? Did you get any products from the new Catrice limited edition?
I hope you enjoyed reading :)
Have a nice day ;)

4 komentarji:

  1. jaz še čakam da pri nas v Müllerju dobijo tole, da lahko primerjam s Clarinsovim glosom, ki je ista finta :)

  2. Jaz jih tudi še nisem opazila v Mullerju, samo v Tuš drogerijah jih imajo.

  3. Tale kolekcija, se mi zdi, da je preview novih izdelkov, ki pridejo jeseni. Kolikor sem videla swatche, so si zelo podobni, so pa baje Clarinsovi boljši.

  4. Se mi je zdelo da je nekaj takega, ker sem bila kar malo zbegana ko sem videla tole kolekcijo :) Meni so teli sicer super (Clarinsovih nisem probala), samo bi bilo bolje če ne bi imeli okusa :/