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REVIEW: Kardashian En-Joystick (Sea Coral)

Hello lovelies :)
Some time ago me and Ajda were invited on an event along wih other bloggers, where they introduced us to Kardashian cosmetics and a new nail polish line called The New Black. At the event I bought this lipstick and I had quite some time to test it. Here is what I think about this lipstick (enjoystick as they call it).

Lipstick comes in a pencil form, which is handy for traveling and reapplying. It is in a white plastic packaging with a rose gold imprint that started to rubb off... not cool. You get 1 g / 0.04 fl oz. I like this packaging because it is convenient to use on the go, but on another hand it feels a bit cheap because of the material. 

Sea coral is a nice coral opaque colour. When I first used this lipstick it felt really chalky and hard on the lips, but after I used it some more it became a bit creamier and easier to apply. It applyes niceli and it is not streaky looking on the lips, it also does not emphasize lines. It is not mosturizing but I did not feel like it was drying eather. This lipstick clings to dry patches, because of that and because of it's formula I do not think it would be nice for people that have dry lips. It also does not last as long as I would like it too. It does not survive a drink or eating and it does not last more than 3 hours on my lips.

All and all I will finish this lipstick but I will definetly not repurchase it, or any other colour for that matter. I was just expecting more lasting power and hydration for 14 euros, because there are soo much more better lip products for less than half the price...

What do you think about this product? What is your favourite lip product?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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