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REVIEW: New Makeup Revolution Products

Hello lovelies :) 
Today we have for you a review of some new Makeup Revolution products, that were send to us by (thank you!! :)) and some was a birthday gifts or bought.
Hope you will like those products as much as we do :D


I must say I was quite curious about this product, because I never owned any baked eye shadows. Electric Dreams is a palette filled with pretty purples (one of my favourite colours) and white. All cointain glitter and are more of a metallic finish (especially when used wet), because shimmer is really small. It contains 4 g of product (5 shadows) and comes in a round packaging with a transparent lid. Packaging is plastic and feels a bit flimsy and week, so it might not be the best for traveling.

Colours are nice and pigmented, especially the bottom row. When using dry there was a bit of fallout, mostly glitter and some pigment with darker shades. They apply nicely and are prone to overblending. These shades lasted on my lids for around 7 hours (using Essence I <3 stage eyeshadow primer). They started fading fast around the 5 hour mark. Some shadows looked a bit grey at the end of the day, because they faded soo much. Dark shadows are the most opaque but also fade faster.

I really like these colours and for once I do not mind that the whole palette is shimmery, but fading is just too much foor me to use it as a while day make up. But I will definetly use it when I know my make up will not be on for more than a few hours (like late night coffee ore running some quick errands).


This polish is a brown copper shade. The packaging looks sturdy and it could possibly survive a fall or two, but not from a great height. It contains 10 ml of product.

This polish lasted on me for 4 days using a base and a top coat. I usualy do not use top coats while testing nail polishes, but I did with this one, because the application was not great at all and I wanted to make it look  better. As I applied the polish on my nails it created deep lines instead of going on smooth (I hope that makes sence :P). It did not help If I tried with thicker or thiner coats. Otherwise Formula was nice, not too thick or too runny and it was opaque in one thick coat (or two thin ones). I see no fault with the formula so I think the fault for crappy application lies with the brush. Maybe it would be better if it would be bigger?

all and all I like this polish for it's formula, but I do not like the application or the colour, so I am probably going to give it to my sister.

 As most of makeup lovers i also wated UD Naked 3 pallete. When i saw the rose shade shadows in it i was hooked. I was lucky enough that Revolution made this pallete. I've been using it like crazy since i got it for my birthday.
Now some facts...ingridients you can read on your own if you are interested. Pallete contains 12 eyeshadows, there is a total of 14g of product. 3 shades are matte, 7 super shimmery shades and 2 something in between. Shadows don't have much of a fallout and i am really happy about that. They are really good pigmented. The only problem that i have is that the pans are not wide enough for some of my bigger brushes.
With MR primer they lasted on me around 8 hours and i have super oily eyelids.

And here are the swatches (no primer used).

 I was eyeing this blush since it came out, because it have some purple color inside. I don't have any blushes like that in my collection yet.
 This blush contains 6g of product wich is quite a lot. It is baked as the name tells, really shimmery and can be also used as a highligter (if you are light handed :D). You really don't need much. I hate the fact thet the writing on the front rubbed of in one week. 
On my cheeks it lasted for about 6 hours with makeup fixing spray over it. But that's a long time, since i have a bad habbit and i am touching my face a lot.
 Just look the swatch...isn't it georgeous? :D

 I think this shadows are suposed to be a dupe for Stila foil eyeshadows, because the concept is almost the same.
Here you can read the instructions on how to use it.
 In the box you get a mixing tray, liquid eye primer and an eyeshadow. On the box it says that you get 1,5g of product, so i think that is together both eyeshadow and primer.
 This eyeshadow have a wierdest consistancy ever. It's like a cream, but also like a foil and  drys like a powder.
 On the left i swatched the shadow directly from the pan and on the right i mixed it with primer on a mixing try. Let me just tell you this shadow is a nightmare to capture in a photo. Because of the foil finish the light is reflecting like crazy. On the lids it lasted for about 12 hour and i put MR original primer, some eyeshadows from Iconic 3 and this shadow mixed with primer on some parts of my lid. It looked absoloutly beautyful. So i am deffinatelly geting the other colours :)

 Since i almost ran out of my Essence I love stage eye primer my friends got me this one for my birthday. They come in original, matte and brightening formula. I am really interested to try the brightening one. And you get 7,5ml of product.
Let me just say i have a love/hate relationship with this primer. It's a lot more wattery than i am used to. It does conceal some veins on my lids, but not as much as Essence did. It does the job with keeping the shadows bright and in place, but sometimes i want some more coverage under mu shadows.
Do you have any of those products? Planning to buy any?
Let us know what you think about that!

Have a great day!

Ajda & Tjaša

*Some products were sent to us for a review, our opinions are honest!

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