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REVIEW: Catrice BB Foundation

Hello lovelies ;)
I have been a very very bad bad blogger this week, but what can a girl do :P Between working, studying and taking care of the house while my parents were on holiday there is just not enough hours in one day to write a post. I have been meaning to write this post earlier but always forgot, aldough I am using this product constantly. Finally I got around to do it :)

I am constantly on the lookout for BB creams with decent covaridge and a high spf, because they are just so convenient to use. Naturally when I saw Catrice BB foundation I decided to try it out. It comes in a pink box, packaging is a plastic tube, also pink, with a silver pink. I always have it in my purse with me and that is why the print is starting to rub off. You get 30 ml of product.

It has a bit thicker consistency that other BB creams I used so far,  more of a foundation consistency, but it does not feel heavy on the skin. It blends into the skin nicely and has more of a dewy finish. Basicaly it looks skinlike, but not very shiny. Covers up redness and evens out my skin tone, mostly I do not need concealer when using it, except for my dark circles. It does get quite shiny during the day so it might be better for normal or dry skin, or you can just set it with powder if needed. This BB foundation also feels mosturizing and it did not break me out or disrupt my skin in any way. the only bad thing I can say about it is that it does  not photograph very well. When I wanted to photograph my face to how the covaridge it looked like I wear nothing on my face, aldough it clearly covered my redness and little blemishes. I think that is  because it contains spf 30.

All in all I really like this BB foundation because it works for my skin and it is easy to work with. I can just apply it with my fingers and not worry about it melting off in the middle of a hot day. It does not look patchy and there is still some pigmentation left on the face at the end of the day. It is also the first BB cream I found that is not too dark for my skin. Sadly it is being discontinuoued along with some other Catrice products so it will only be available in the stores untill August.

What BB cream do you like to use? Do you use BB creams or do you like foundation more?
I hope this review was helpfull.
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :)

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  1. Jaz pa uporabljam garnierjevo in deborah milano bb kremo.. Tale pa tudi zgleda super ;)

  2. Garnierjeva meni ni nikoli odgovarjala, se mi zdi pretežka za mojo kožo. Deborah Milano pa še nisem preizkusila :)

  3. jst uporabljam pa od Catrice primer pa mi je top! Ful zadovolna...