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Spring Wishlist ~ Tjaša

Hello lovelies :)
I am a dreamer by heart. After all, dreams and wishes are free, aren't they? :) 
After browsing trough the wast world of make up on the internet I decided to make this wishlist, of products that I was most excited about. Only 10 products are here and believe me, it was hard to pick my favourites.


a crewed interest - coral, peach, any shade of orange, you name it I love it. I just recently decided there is a huge shortage of orange nail polishes in my collection and so this baby deserved the spot on my wishlist. 

pink about it - As with oranges, there is a huge hole in the pink department when it comes to my nail polish collection. I am not very keen on bright pink, nor on pink in general, but this colour immediately got me, because it just screams spring.

sugar daddy - another pink, this time a more sheer one. It looks perfect for those "no nail polish" days and french mannicures.

fashion playground - Mint. Do I need to say more? 

Mint Candy Apple - I am obsessing about this shade from the day I heard about Essie. Such a gorgeous minty shade and for me it does not matter how many mint polishes I have... I always need more :)


Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace - Blushes are not my strong side, but I am getting used to them. This product cought my attention because it contains orange and coral shades that I love to use on my lips and cheeks. And one of the blushes in this trio is called Crochet, how cool is that :P

Sleek Face Form Fair - I am new to contouring and highliting and as such I have very little products for contour. This product cought my eye because of the gorgeous blush and a light enough contour shade for me. I am not that fair when it comes to my skin tone, but I wish to have just a hint of contour. That is why I chose Fair and not any of the darker shades.


Sleek I Divine Ultra Mattes V1 - I recently started to play and experiment with brighter shades and this palette seems perfect for somebody like me. It is bright, colorfull and matt. After I saw how pigmented it is I just knew I need to have it in my life.

Sleek I Divine Garden of Eden - I love green. You could say I am a green maniac. I fell in love with this palette the moment it came out. So many make up looks come on my mind just by looking at this gorgeous palette.

Sugarpill Heart Breaker palette - I adore Sugarpill. I have  none of their products, but I adore them anyway. There is probably not a single person who owns their products and is disappointed by them (as far as I have seen reviews). Pigmentation of their eyeshadows is just amazing, shades are gorgeous and the packaging is to die for. They also do not test on animals. Is there anything more a make up enthusiast would want? I chose this palette because it contains Mochi (turquise), 2AM (purple) and Velocity (blue), which are some of my favourite shades from their line. To be honest though, I wish to have all of their products :P
oh a girl can dream :)

Ah, it was such a blast writing this post. The make up geek in me was dancing enthusiasticly by just looking and writing about the products.
Did any of these cought your eye? Do you own any of these already? If so, how do they perform?
I hope you all enjoyed this post :)
Have a nice day :)

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  1. Sugar daddy je vseen če prozorn lak kupš, ga mam doma, škoda 10€ ;)
    Mint candy apple pa...oh my polish ever :D